Can Older Guys Look Younger?


It’s common for older guys to think that looking younger is how they can stay attractive. They believe women don’t want mature men and that every older guy must look younger to attract a partner.

If this is you, then you might be surprised to learn that the ideal age for men in online dating isn’t 20, 30 or even 40. No – according to a 2018 study in the Journal of Science Advances… it’s 50 years old!

However, regardless of their age, nobody wants to date someone who’s sloppy and doesn’t know how to take care of themselves. So how can you age gracefully and with style?

In today’s article, we’re covering the ten key mistakes older guys make trying to look young.

  1. Refusing to embrace your age
  2. Still wearing that old baseball cap
  3. Getting stuck in a hair rut
  4. Partying like you’re 20
  5. Still wearing running shoes
  6. Wearing the wrong jeans
  7. Still wearing graphic tees
  8. Wearing your shirt untucked
  9. Thinking you need a younger partner
  10. Obsessing over any one thing
  11. Experimenting With Facial Hair
  12. Wearing Too Many Accessories
  13. Trying To Speak Like A Younger Man

Make sure to read to the end, because you’ll also learn what that study found about the peak attractiveness age for women. Guys… it was brutal.

Older Guy Mistake #1 Refusing To Embrace Your Age

immature man

Of all the mistakes older guys make trying to look young, refusing to embrace their age is the most common. Here’s a better idea: embrace your age. Doesn’t ‘I want to look young’ feel a little depressing – like you’re faking something?

Now how does it feel when you say, ‘I want to look strong… I want to look healthy… I want to look successful?

Yep – those are all things you can truly be. Far easier than many young guys who spend their nights drinking cheap beer and their days struggling to make rent.

Older Guy Mistake #2  Wearing A Baseball Cap As An Older Guy

infographic mens hats hot weather
The straw Panama hat. Now that’s better than a baseball cap.

Yeah – it’s time to STOP holding on to THAT hat. Here’s the deal, when older guys try looking younger, they think about wearing the same hat they wore when they were in their 20s.

Yeah – not always the best idea! Times have moved on and your style will have changed over the last 20-30 years.

As a general rule, unless you’re actually going to a game to support your team… it’s time to upgrade your headwear and avoid wearing that sports cap.

Hot weather? Sun in your eyes? Look for a classic wide-brimmed hat like a straw Panama.

Cold weather? Try an insulated flat cap. You can even get one with flaps to cover your ears.

Older Guy Mistake #3 Wearing A Young Man’s Haircut

Maybe you’ve been going to the same barber for years… maybe you haven’t been to a barber for years.

Level up your hair game by going to the best stylist in your area. Ask him to fix you up with a haircut that’ll keep you looking young as an older guy, without making you seem like try-hard.

Take some pride in your hair and have fun with a new style. If you’ve got longer hair try a shorter hairstyle to make your hair look thicker.

Older Guy Mistake #4 Partying Like You’re A Younger Man

older guy partying woith young women

Next mistake older guys make trying to look young? They try to keep up with those 20-year-olds – drinking and partying all night.

Guys – time is going to catch up with you (if it hasn’t already!) Your body needs more rest. If you want to look good, you’ve got to take care of yourself. There’s no shame in admitting your days in the nightclub are over – trust me when I say you’re going to look really old attending a club designed for 20 years olds when you’re in your 50s.

Older Guy Mistake #5 Wearing Running Shoes To Look Young

older guy look younger mistake - wearing sneakers
Neon light shoes aren’t classic or timeless. A young man would find it hard to pull these off – an older guy would find it impossible.

The next mistake older guys make trying to look young? Wearing their running shoes everywhere.

That’s not working for you. Nothing says forced-youth like a pair of ‘dads sneakers’. You know the ones I mean, the sort older guys wear to try and keep up the most up-to-date fashion trends.

Gents – you’re better than that.

Invest in some good casual footwear – like a simple white sneaker. Or if you’re worried about dirt, go with a simple black.

For an extra touch of style look at different fabrics like suede or perforated leather.

Older Guy Mistake #6 Wearing The Wrong Jeans For Your Age And Body Type

Infographic - Jeans to Wear

When you’re in your 20s you’re probably in great shape. You can get away with some weird-ass jean cuts without – well – making your ass look weird.

As you age your body naturally changes. You need to make sure that you’re wearing jeans that work for your body type NOW.

For most older guys this is going to mean no skinny jeans – and definitely no baggy jeans. To avoid looking like the old guy trying to look younger, find a well cut pair of slim-straight jeans.

You should probably skip the rhinestones on your back pockets too.

Older Guy Mistake #7 Wearing Graphic Tees As An Older Man

Another of the classic mistakes older guys making trying to look young is wearing graphic tees.

If your tee has funny off-color sayings – ask yourself this. What’s your real goal and message in life?

Are you trying to achieve greatness? Get that company off the ground? Become the best man you can be? Be a great father and set an example?

When you wear something like that – you are NOT sending the message you want to send.

Older Guy Mistake #8 Wearing Your Shirt Untucked As An Older Man

wearing untucked dress shirt

Speaking of shirts – it’s time to stop letting it all hang out. When you’re young you might get away with it – but when you get older there are different expectations on you.

People expect you to understand when a shirt should be tucked in and when it should be worn untucked.

Dress shirts are designed to be tucked in. Casual button-downs CAN be worn untucked – but often look better tucked.

Shirts with a curved bottom hem are meant to be tucked in. Shirts with a straight bottom (like many polos) are meant to be untucked.

If you buy a shirt that’s made to be worn untucked – you need to know if it’s too long or too short.

Older Guy Mistake #9 Thinking You Need A Younger Partner

older man in a car with bouquet of flowers

Let’s get back to that 2018 study on online dating. It found that men focus on one thing – age. Women focus on multiple variables.

So just how obsessed are men with getting a younger partner?

In an online dating study, the most attractive age for men was 50 – the most attractive age for women was 18.

Brutal, right? But that’s what the research clearly showed.

Women are smarter. They realize: ‘If I want a mate who’s actually going to work for me and what I’m looking for – I need to look at the whole picture.’

Older Guy Mistake #10 Focusing Obsessively On ANY One Thing

guy obsessed with video games

Getting back to the first of the mistakes older guys make trying to look young. Rediscovering your youth shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal is to look healthy and successful. But what does it mean to look successful?

Too many older guys are still thinking like they did in their youth – they’re focusing obsessively on one thing.

You won’t look successful if you obsess about your style and ignore the one thing you’re always wearing – your body. Or if you obsess about your health and ignore the way you present yourself.

Take a step back – it’s a bigger puzzle. It’s multiple things.

You need to focus on your health, your appearance, your style, and the full picture of how you present yourself.

Older Guy Mistake #11 Experimenting With Facial Hair

man in glasses with good looking beard

Older men often try to look younger by experimenting with a variety of facial hair styles. Unfortunately, this usually backfires and makes them look even older than they are. Instead of going wild with a beard or mustache, stick to classic grooming options that suit your age and make you look polished.

For example, growing out a classic beard that compliments the shape of your face is very different to growing a full beard and mustache in an effort to look younger. The key is to find facial hair styles that work for you, rather than trying to conform to current trends.

Sure, a 20 year old guy might be able to pull off a waxed moustache that stretches out past his cheeks, but older guys should stick to more classic facial hair styles that make them look polished and mature.

Older Guy Mistake #12 Wearing Too Many Accessories

too much accessories

It’s tempting to try and make yourself look younger by donning a bunch of accessories, such as chains, hats or earrings. But when you’re older, this can actually draw attention away from your best features and make you look more outdated than stylish.

Rather than piling on accessories in an effort to have a youthful look, an older guy should stick to timeless pieces that show his maturity and success. For instance, a younger guy might be able to pull off bracelets and chains, but he probably can’t afford a luxury watch!

Thanks to your experience, you might be in the position to wear a single luxury piece rather than hundreds of cheap, costume items. Which do you think women find more attractive?

Older Guy Mistake #13 Trying To Speak Like A Younger Man

older man in cap hat

Gents, I’ll be brutally honest here.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, ages a man like when he tries to use slang words he’s heard younger people use.

Trust me, it doesn’t make you ‘relatable’ or ‘down with the kids’ … it just makes you look stupid.

I get the theory. Keeping up with the latest trends SHOULD make you look less like a fossil that’s stuck in the old times. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you want to be taken seriously, stick with the language that comes naturally to you.

It’s okay to learn and pick up new phrases over time, but don’t force it on people in a desperate attempt at appearing cool. It’s fine to understand it, but it’s just pathetic when an older guy tries to speak like his teenage son.

As an older man, people will look to you as a figure of wisdom and authority. Your language should reflect this, plain and simple.

Conclusion – Older Guy Mistakes To Avoid

All right, gentlemen – so I’ve given you the list of mistakes you may have been making.

Beware: As you grow older there are some things guaranteed to set you back. Find out what they are in my guide to 5 hard truth pills every guy has to swallow.

Click below to watch the video – STOP Wearing These 7 Items (They Make You Look Old)


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