Elaine bones

Elaine bones

The other day, I recommended Bad Sisters, the Irish black comedy, to my friend Colby. He immediately began watching it and texted me over the next few days about whose house he’d want to live in (Eva’s) and which sister he had the biggest crush on (Becca). We went back and forth about the show and then I told him:

But specific compliments are the best kind, right? And sometimes kind words can be so meaningful.

Elaine grace

Have you seen videos of Troy Hawke? He’s a character created and played by British comedian Milo McCabe, and he’s a GENIUS at complimenting passersby. Here’s an example:

He is hilarious and honestly inspires me to think about the very specific things that I love about friends and relatives and let them know.

So! Your turn: What’s a compliment you’ve gotten that has become part of your mental furniture? A dad friend once told me, “I love to watch you parent,” and I’ll never forget it.

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