funny insults

funny insults

Our family’s had a few ups and downs this week, so! On a fun note…

What are your low-stakes insults? This quote from Justin Boldaji made me laugh:

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When we were growing up, my siblings and I would complain to our mom about various annoying people at school or work or ballet practice. Her reply? “They can take a flying leap!” And her backup? “Tell him to go jump in a lake.”


Meanwhile, my dad, who works in the automotive industry, gets irritated by bad driving, but instead of honking or shouting, he gives the offending driver a withering…thumbs down.

Another genius “insult” happened a few years ago, when Toby, Anton and I were visiting friends in Austin. Toby always lords his age over Anton — he’s three years and one month older — and he realized that it would drive his little brother crazy if he called him, “Buddy,” as in “Great job, buddy!” It was the funniest, most benign thing to say, but Anton got SO annoyed, rightly so!

What others do you have? “My husband started saying ‘get a life’ a year ago,” commented @caseyremsing. “Once it becomes part of your vernacular, you’ll find it applies in any situation.” Challenge accepted.

P.S. Good life advice and what kind of accent do you have?

(Photo from PEN15.)