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posh Becks documentary

posh Becks documentary

Have you been watching the Posh and Becks documentary, Beckham? I thought I couldn’t care less about these two — I mean, I wished them well, but I didn’t know much about them — but omg this is an example of how to make a documentary shine. The pacing is quick but tense, surprises continually roll out, your heart bleeds for the harassment Beckham endured on the soccer field, their love story rings true. Also, the technique of filming people as they watch old clips or games while looking directly into the camera is amazing — you see their eyes tear or sparkle, their faces soften or harden. It’s a masterclass in documentary filmmaking — and did you know the director is our old pal Hugo?

The other day, Jenny made this chocolate mousse recipe with a twist. She got Trader Joe’s freeze-dried strawberries, processed in a mini food processor into dust, and sprinkled them over the mousse and whipped cream. So tart! So good!

breakfast sandwich costume

Gathering expert Priya Parker recently asked people about party dress codes, and here’s an answer from @movingpresence: “I once hosted an ‘unsexy’ birthday party, where I invited all my friends to dress as unattractively as they could. Some friends couldn’t do it (their version of unsexy was really just ‘disheveled sexy’), but other friends went for it! Braless sagging, toothpaste stains, guys wearing thermals pulled up too high, even bad haircuts just for the occasion! It freed up a lot of energy at the gathering, to let go of the typical presentation masks we all wear, for deeper connecting and deeper laughter. Honestly, it might be the best gathering I’ve ever hosted.” If I were invited, I might re-wear my bacon-egg-and-cheese Halloween costume?

reformation sweater blue

What do you like to wear to dinner? I feel so pretty in this sweater, of all things. The icy blue feels right for cold days, and the knit texture and slight crop make it fall beautifully. (This blue is nice, too.)

P.S. More fun things, and a dinner party conversation starter.


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