Unleashing the Supple Leopard Within: Kelly and Juliet Starrett's Revolutionary Vision for Lifelong Mobility and Wellness


In a realm where the essence of movement is celebrated, and the potentials of the human body are explored beyond conventional boundaries, Dr. Kelly and Juliet Starrett, co-founders of ‘The Ready State,’ emerge as the architects of a groundbreaking philosophy. Renowned as luminaries in mobility, injury prevention, and wellness, their tapestry of work spans diverse landscapes—from the realms of elite athletes and Olympians to the everyday individual. Their names have become royalty within the Crossfit world. In their transformative book, “Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully,” the Starrett’s unfold the pathways to cultivating a body that resonates with vitality, flexibility, and enduring strength.

Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully

Embarking on a Journey to Physical Enlightenment:

Kelly and Juliet Starrett invite us on an enriching journey that transcends the mundane realms of fitness. Their methodology emphasizes a holistic approach, intertwining the realms of mobility, wellness, and overall life quality. They guide us through a spectrum of strategies, aiming to unleash the body’s innate potential, fostering a state of health that echoes the grace, strength, and suppleness of a leopard, a nickname Kelly earned years ago which eventually led to a best-selling book, “Becoming a Supple Leopard.”

Built to Move: A Bible for Bodily Freedom:

“Built to Move” surfaces as a profound testament to the Starretts’ wisdom and experiences, crafting a vibrant mosaic of habits essential for a life embellished with freedom of movement and absence of pain. With a wealth of practical insights, the book emerges as a guiding star, steering individuals toward a path where physical existence is not merely endured but celebrated with grace and vitality.

Walk the Talk: The Profound Power of Simple Movement:

Elevating the simplicity of foundational movements such as walking to a pedestal of powerful impact, the Starretts unravel the threads connecting basic bodily motions to profound realms of health and longevity. Their philosophy, reflecting echoes of life in the vitality-rich Blue Zones, emphasizes that within the essence of consistent, purposeful movement, lies the alchemy of a life imbued with wellness and longevity.

Mobilizing the Warriors: A Testimony from the SEALs:

Kelly’s influence has extended into the challenging terrains of the Special Operations community, like the Navy SEAL Teams, illustrating a powerful testament to the transformative impacts of their philosophies. Through strategies deeply resonating with resilience and adaptability, Kelly and Juliet have ushered a wave of rejuvenation among warriors, enabling them to navigate the rigorous demands of their paths with physical and mental resilience.

Kelly & Juliett

The Ten Commandments of Physical Rejuvenation in ‘Built To Move’:

In the heart of their vision lies a constellation of ten pivotal commandments—strategies and practices meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and enhance the body’s landscape, from future-proofing your neck and shoulders to unlocking the superpower of sleep. These elemental principles unfurl a roadmap steering individuals through pathways illuminated with enhanced mobility, resilience against injuries, and a sanctuary of overall well-being.

In the embrace of Kelly and Juliet Starrett’s guidance, we find the doors to a realm where the boundaries of physical potential are reimagined, and the horizons of bodily capabilities are expanded. Their vision, steeped in a harmony of practical wisdom and transformative strategies, nurtures the seeds of a life that flourishes with mobility, vitality, and a symphony of enriching physical experiences. Through their eyes, life’s journey is not a passage marked by endurance but a celebration of movement, flexibility, and a body resonating with the vibrant echoes of health and vitality. All it takes is a better use of your time and daily commitment. Your older self will thank you. 


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