These 7 Exercises Are So Powerful, They’ll Completely Transform Your Body

As if getting into the mindset to create the healthy habit of working out isn’t hard enough, there’s an overwhelming amount of options on the internet which might stop you from ever starting. If you search “fitness workouts” on Google, your heart will skip a beat. There are thousands upon thousands of workout routines, at-home DVDs, and fitness programs that all promise to do the same thing: dramatically change your body overnight!

But what if you run into a few workouts you’d actually enjoy doing? How do you complement your workout routine without overdoing it or pulling a muscle? Well, have no fear because these 8 workouts are so good, they have the power to transform your entire body.


Start off by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and take a long step forward. The key to doing lunges the right way is to keep your knee behind your ankle at all times. With your right leg first, bend the knees and let your knees almost touch the floor. Stop just as your upper thighs are parallel with the ground. Then, push up off that right foot and return to your original position. Next, do the left leg! Do 3 sessions of 10-15 lunges per leg.

Push Ups

Get in the planking position. Keep your stomach parallel to the floor. Make sure your neck is relaxed. Your hands should be placed at the sides of your chest. Lower your body to the ground without actually touching the floor. Don’t forget to breathe every time you push your body up and down and tighten the muscles in your stomach every time you do this. Lower your body until you’re almost touching the ground, and then go back to plank position. Continue this and you’ll quickly become a total push-up pro!

Standing Presses


To pull this one off, you will need a set of dumbbells. You can go as high or as low as you want. Any weight you feel comfortable with will do. Stand straight up, holding the weights at your shoulders. Push your arms straight up parallel with your head, and after a short pause bring them back down and continue.

Deadlifts Legs

With a set of dumbbells in hand, make sure to position your body straight up. Now, kick your back right leg straight behind you. Lower the dumbbells down, keeping your arms straight as you do this and lower them to the ground. Now come right back up and repeat! This workout may take some more balance than others, but the results are totally worth it!

Arm Rows


Again, start with the dumbbells in the weight of your choice and hold them in each hand. Bend your body forward just a bit, keeping your back straight but not at a 90-degree angle. Have your arms hang down, bend those elbows and pull straight up. You’d be surprised by how powerful this excercise can be!


Start this workout standing in the upright position, keep your arms at your sides. And this is where it might get tricky but stay with us! Put those hands out in front of you, lower yourself into a squat. If you follow the video’s instructions, you will look like you are in the planking position at this point. Afterward, you do a pushup and you jump to your feet. If you have knee or back problems, make sure to do controlled movements to get rid of high impact.

Standard Sit Up

Standard sit-ups are one of the most powerful moves you can do. Start off by sitting on your mat. Keep your knees in the bent position and place your hands tucked right behind your head. Lay down. Keeping your feet on the ground, use your core strength to pick yourself up, never letting the hands leave the head, and bring yourself up to the knees and back down. This workout will tone those abs in no time!