The 2024 Men's Journal Fitness Awards: Best Gear for Working Out


Whether you’re hitting barbell squats in your garage, or pounding the road training for a half marathon, choosing the right gear lets you make the most every sweat session. To help you find the best shoes, exercise bike, and even gym flooring, we bring you the Men’s Journal Fitness Awards. 

Our editors and contributors tested and reviewed hundreds of products over the last 365 days to bring you the highest-quality apparel, shoes, accessories, and equipment to invest in right now. We also turned to experts in the field to get authoritative recommendations on items they swear by. Every item we picked has been sweated over (and on), debated, and ultimately celebrated by our staff as the best gear to get fit. 

Best Fitness Trackers

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Fitness trackers can help you understand and optimize your workouts and lifestyle habits. Whether you want a supercomputer on your wrist or a simple wearable, these are the best of the best.

See our top fitness trackers.

Best Home Treadmill

A great treadmill will make you look forward to your next indoor run. And this NordicTrack is the best home treadmill we’ve tested for everyone from casual walkers to marathoners.

See our top home treadmill.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a home gym essential—they’re cost-effective, take up very little floor space, and can be used for any strength training or HIIT workout.

See our top adjustable dumbbells.

Best Gym Flooring

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These impact-absorbing and sound-deadening gym flooring products are musts for a new home gym or when upgrading an exercise space.

See our top gym flooring picks.

Best Cross-Training Shoes

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These are the best new and notable cross-training shoes for HIIT workouts, CrossFit, weightlifting, and more.

See our top cross-training shoes.

Best Exercise Bikes for Home

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The latest exercise bikes offer digital apps, classes, and more to make your workout sessions engaging so your time in the saddle flies by.

See our top home exercise bikes.

Best Running Shorts

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Our favorite pairs of running shorts are perfect for recovery jogs, long runs, or races—and comfortable enough to wear around the house.

See our top running shorts.

Best Hydration Mixes

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Exercise strips the body of electrolytes in addition to H2O. So, if you’re working out hard, your body also needs to replace salt, potassium, and sometimes calories. These are iur favorite hydration drinks and mixes to replenish your muscles.

See our top hydration mixes.

Best Hydration Packs

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Hydration packs provide quick, smooth access to water, making endurance activities that much easier—and safer. 

See our top hydration packs.

Best Running Shoes

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From max-cushion trainers to premium racers, these are the best running shoes for men.

See our top running shoes.


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