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Gents, the world of men’s style is continuously evolving. One trend, in particular, has been the resurgence of various mustache types. Mustaches, once viewed as outdated, have now surged back onto the scene, providing a myriad of ways to enhance your look and express your unique personality.

But which is right for you, and how can you avoid being left behind as a bald-lipped man?

The answer’s pretty simple, and it’s what I’m breaking out today.

Understanding Mustache Types

attractive man wearing mustaches

Before diving into the different types of mustaches, it’s crucial to consider your face shape, personal style, and the message you want to convey. Think of your mustache like a stylish suit – if it doesn’t suit your frame, it just isn’t going to look good.

Mustache Types For Stylish Men

Each mustache type presents a unique style statement. Let’s delve into five popular mustache types that you might consider.

Mustache Types #1: The Chevron

chevron moustache

Evoking rugged masculinity, the Chevron is a full mustache covering the width of your mouth, following your lip line in a slight upside-down ‘V’ shape.

This mustache type suits men with a quick facial hair growth rate, a broad face, and those seeking a classic, masculine aesthetic.

Popularized by Tom Selleck, the Chevron is effortlessly stylish yet laid-back.

Mustache Types #2: The Handlebar

handlebar moustache

Next on the list of sophisticated mustache types is the Handlebar. Recognizable by its curved ends, the Handlebar is a throwback to a bygone era that exudes a unique blend of refinement and charm.

While it requires some maintenance – regular waxing and curling – its aesthetic appeal and character make the effort worthwhile.

Mustache Types #3: The Pencil

pencil moustache

Thin, precise, and timeless, the Pencil mustache type is the epitome of sleek sophistication. It’s a thin line of hair just above the upper lip, reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age with stars like Clark Gable sporting it.

It’s subtle, and elegant, and suits men with a more understated, classic sense of style.

Mustache Types #4: The Horseshoe

horseshoe moustache style man in jacket

Not for the faint-hearted, the Horseshoe is a bold mustache type that resembles an upside-down U shape. It’s a full mustache with vertical extensions running down the corners of the lips, giving the impression of a horseshoe.

Made popular by figures like Hulk Hogan, it’s a mustache type for men unafraid of making a strong statement.

Mustache Types #5: The Walrus

walrus moustache

Big, bushy, and bold, the Walrus moustache type is for men who want their facial hair to stand out. Hanging over the upper lip, this style pays tribute to the days of Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain.

It’s perfect for men with rapid, thick hair growth and those seeking a bold, vintage-inspired look.

How To Groom Your Mustache

funny man shaving moustache

Understanding how to properly groom your chosen mustache type is essential to keep it looking neat and appealing. Here’s how:

Invest in Good Grooming Tools

Every craftsman needs the right tools, and maintaining stylish mustache types is no different. A high-quality trimmer, a fine-tooth comb, mustache scissors, and, for styles like the Handlebar, mustache wax, are must-have items in your grooming kit.

  • Be Patient – Growing a mustache is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Give it time to fully grow before you start trimming and shaping.
  • Regular Trimming – Regular trimming helps to maintain the shape and tidiness of your mustache. Always trim in the direction of hair growth, and remember, you can always cut more, but you can’t put it back!
  • Nutrition Matters – Healthy hair growth is directly linked to your nutrition. Hydrate well, eat a balanced diet rich in protein, and consider taking a multivitamin to boost your hair health.
  • Mustache Care – Don’t forget to clean and condition your mustache regularly. There are plenty of products available for facial hair care (See below!)

Best Care Products For Mustache Types

moustache oil for men

Caring for your mustache goes beyond the occasional trim. Just as your hair and skin require specific products for optimal health, your mustache needs the same attention.

Various mustache care products on the market can help maintain the health, style, and overall appearance of your chosen mustache type.

  • Mustache Wax – A must-have for those sporting styles that require shape and hold, like the Handlebar. Waxes range from light to strong holds and are typically made from natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils. Brands like Honest Amish and Can You Handlebar are renowned for their high-quality mustache waxes.
  • Beard and Mustache Oils – They hydrate the hair and the skin underneath, preventing itchiness and dandruff. They often come scented, adding an extra dimension to your grooming routine. Try products from brands like VITAMAN or Beardbrand for high-quality oils.
  • Mustache Combs – Essential for keeping your mustache neat and tangle-free. Look for combs with both wide and narrow teeth for versatility.
  • Mustache Shampoos and Conditioners – Regular shampoo can strip the natural oils from your facial hair, leading to dryness and itchiness. Specialized mustache shampoos and conditioners, like those from Professor Fuzzworthy or Zeus, are gentler and more nourishing, designed specifically to keep your moustache looking its best.

Mustache Types Style Icons

As with any style, there are certain celebrities that come to mind when discussing the legendary mustache types we’ve covered in today’s article.

Whether it be a strong handlebar or a more understated pencil mustache, I’d bet good money you can name at least 5 male style icons that have rocked a ‘tash with confidence.

Tom Selleck

tom selleck moustache

Known for his role in the television series “Magnum P.I.,” Tom Selleck is undeniably one of the first names that come to mind when talking about iconic mustaches. His thick, full Chevron mustache is considered the gold standard in mustache styles.

It’s classic, masculine, and fits perfectly with his rugged charm. Selleck’s mustache is so iconic that it has almost become a character in its own right throughout his career.

Tom Hardy

tom hardy moustache

British actor Tom Hardy is not only renowned for his versatility on screen but also for his various mustache styles off-screen. From his notable Handlebar mustache in the movie “Bronson” to his more subtle, but equally stylish, Chevron in “Lawless,” Hardy has proven that the right mustache can enhance a character’s believability and depth.

His ability to pull off different mustache types, in alignment with his roles, illustrates the power of a well-styled mustache as an influential element of a man’s image.

Freddie Mercury

freddie mercury moustache

The legendary lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury was not just known for his extraordinary voice and flamboyant stage presence, but also for his distinctive mustache.

Adopting the Chevron mustache type in the early 80s, Mercury’s thick, full mustache became a central part of his iconic image. Though he received criticism for it at the time, his mustache went on to become one of the most memorable aspects of his persona, showcasing his unique flair and nonconformist attitude.

Sporting a mustache isn’t just about hopping on the latest fashion trend. It’s about expression, accentuating your personal style, and sometimes, even transforming your entire look.

No matter which mustache type you choose, the key is in maintaining it well and wearing it with confidence.

FAQs: Moustache Types

What is the recent trend in men’s moustache styles?

The recent trend in men’s moustache styles is the resurgence of various moustache types, providing a variety of ways to enhance your look and express individual personality.

Why is it important to understand moustache types before choosing one?

It’s important to understand moustache types to ensure that the style matches your face shape, personal style, and the message you want to convey, much like choosing a stylish suit that suits your frame

What is the Handlebar moustache, and how is it maintained?

The Handlebar moustache is recognizable by its curved ends and requires regular waxing and curling for maintenance. It exudes a unique blend of refinement and charm and is a throwback to a bygone era.

What type of person would suit the Walrus moustache?

The Walrus moustache suits men with rapid, thick hair growth and those seeking a bold, vintage-inspired look. It’s big, bushy, and pays tribute to the days of Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain.

What tools are essential for grooming a moustache?

Essential tools for grooming include a high-quality trimmer, fine-tooth comb, moustache scissors, and, for certain styles, moustache wax.

How can I promote healthy moustache growth?

Healthy moustache growth can be achieved through proper hydration, a balanced diet rich in protein, taking a multivitamin, and maintaining good overall hair care.

What are some popular products for moustache care?

Popular products for moustache care include moustache wax, beard and moustache oils, specialized moustache combs, and moustache shampoos and conditioners.

How do moustache shampoos differ from regular shampoos?

Moustache shampoos are gentler and more nourishing than regular shampoos, designed specifically to keep facial hair from becoming dry and itchy.

Who are some iconic figures known for their moustaches?

Some iconic figures known for their moustaches include Tom Selleck, Tom Hardy, and Freddie Mercury, each sporting different styles like the Chevron and Handlebar.

What is the key to successfully sporting a moustache?

The key to successfully sporting a moustache is maintaining it well and wearing it with confidence, so that it complements your personal style and overall look.

What’s the difference between moustache and mustache?

The difference between “moustache” and “mustache” is primarily regional:
– Moustache: This is the British English spelling of the word.
– Mustache: This is the American English spelling of the word.


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