17 Fashion Hacks For Guys


Your style is letting you down.

But style upgrades can cost a lot of money – new suits don’t come cheap.

We’ve all been there. You need to improve your looks but lack the funds to buy a whole new wardrobe.

What’s a stylish man to do?

stylish man knowing fashion hacks

The answer is simple – use a few simple clothing hacks to boost your style without spending a load of cash.

You can massively boost your personal style by making minor changes to the way you already dress and the things you already do.

Want to know how it’s done? You’re in the right place – in this article you will find these game-changing clothing hacks:

  1. Wear Western-Style Pockets
  2. Use Cedar Hangers
  3. Use Color Tactically
  4. Add The Finishing Touches
  5. Measure Your Legs
  6. Fire Your Dry Cleaner
  7. Travel In Your Heavy Shoes
  8. Straight Lace Your Dress Shoes
  9. Measure Your Shoulders
  10. Become A Quality Expert
  11. Cut Up Your Credit Card
  12. Photograph Your Hair
  13. Blow-Dry Your Shoes
  14. Use Shirt Garters
  15. Predict The Future
  16. Shave Your Sweaters
  17. Wear No-Show Socks
  18. BONUS: Immediately Polish Your Shoes

Hack #1 – Wear Western-Style Pockets

jeans western style pocket
Western style pockets are the best for clothing hacks for guys

Do your chinos or dress pants fan out at the hip? Are gaping pockets making your waist look wider?

That’s for one of three reasons. Either your pants are too tight, you’re wearing them too close to the hips, or you chose the wrong pocket style.

Pants pockets come in three varieties:

  1. Vertical pockets – often seen on dress pants. This style is the most likely to flare out if the pants don’t fit. Either have them tailored or take the nuclear option and stitch the pockets shut to fix this.
  2. Front pockets – a slanted style seen on some dress slacks. Choose these over vertical pockets – they’re much less likely to flare out.
  3. Western pockets – These appear on jeans and chinos and will not flare out as they sit tighter to the hip.

For the safest bet, go for Western style pockets. They sit flush to the hip and will not cause your waist to look bigger than it is.

Hack #2 – Use Thick Cedar Hangers

Shirts hanging on wooden hangers is a great clothing hack for guys
Shirts hanging on wide wood hangers is a great clothing hack for guys

Pick a cedar wood hanger with broad shoulders when you hang shirts and knitwear. Plastic hangers weaken and sag over time – stretching and damaging what you hang on them.

You should also be careful what you hang on them. Some clothes will become misshapen when hung incorrectly.

To avoid this, HANG your woven shirts and FOLD your knitted shirts.

What’s the difference? Woven fabrics don’t stretch as easily as knits. Woven shirts are generally button-downs. Knits are your t-shirts, polos, and sweaters.

Hack #3 – Use Color Tactically

mens color theory shade hue and tint is one of the best clothing hacks for guys

I like to compare color with salt. Add a small amount, and the dish tastes great. Add too much, and you’ve overpowered everything.

Use neutrals (including the more muted shades of blue) as a main dish, and then add bold pops of color as an accent.

For example, a mid-blue sports jacket with a light blue shirt and a white pocket square looks bland. But season it with an orange pocket square, and it brings out the flavor of the outfit.

Which leads us to the next suggestion on my list of best clothing hacks for guys: accessorize.

Hack #4 – Add The Finishing Touches

complete man's outfit

The right accessory can really level up your outfit. A watch, for example, is a great way to make a simple outfit feel more complex and complete.

A sports jacket without a pocket square looks naked – so does a French cuff shirt without cuff links. If you like something, don’t be afraid to bring it into your style.

You know what they say – the devil’s in the detail! The best clothing hacks for guys are no exception to that!

Hack #5 – Measure Your Legs

getting the right jacket length is one of the best clothing hacks for guys

You need to measure your legs. If they’re on the shorter side, there are things you can do.

Choose the right fit and color for you. If you’ve got short legs, which a lot of shorter guys do, it’s important to lengthen the appearance of your lower body.

Want to look taller? Match your belt and shoes with your pants. The unbroken color will make your legs look longer.

Another clothing hack for short-legged guys is never to wear an oversized jacket. Create clean lines with well-fitted clothing to lengthen the body!

The standard rule of thumb for the length of a jacket is that it should cover the bottom curvature of your buttocks. However, it can be an inch higher if you’re a shorter guy.

Hack #6 – Fire Your Dry Cleaner

man picks up clothes after dry cleaning

Well – don’t actually fire them. Maybe you could just cut down your visits?

It’s important to keep your clothes clean and fresh, but many guys clean their suits after only one outing!

The problem with dry-cleaning is how rough it can be on any garment.

Think of your clothes like a video game character – it’s only got so many lives!

So, with suits, blazers, and even your nice sweaters – you only need to dry clean them when they’re dirty.

Timing-wise, this will be around every 15 to 20 wears or once a season.

Another quick addition to the best clothing hacks for guys:

Always dry clean wool clothing before you store it. Put it straight in an airtight container to avoid moth damage.

Hack #7 – Travel In Heavy Shoes

Mens boots are heavy - wear them instead of packing them

When packing a suitcase, put the heaviest pair of shoes you plan to bring aside and wear them for the flight.

Your luggage will be a bit lighter with one less heavy item in your bag. Remember: the heavier the item, the more likely it is to put creases in your other clothes.

Pack lighter shoes in the bottom of your luggage. Be sure to use a shoe bag to avoid dust or dirt getting on your clothes.

That way, when you get to the hotel, you clothes will be clean, fresh and ready to wear.

Hack #8 – Straight-Lace Your Dress Shoes

knowing how to straight lace dress shoes is one of the best clothing hacks for guys

Straight lacing will always be the more formal method of tying your shoes. I recommend this lacing style for all dress shoes.

Sure – cross lacing shoes adds stability, but it can look ’sporty’.

If you want to outshine the rest and demonstrate your attention to detail, use the straight lacing method. It’s a simple, yet effective addition to my list of the best clothing hacks for guys.

Hack #9 – Measure Your Shoulders

measuring man's shoulders with tape

Do you have broad shoulders? If not, you’ll want to read this.

Learn to layer clothing if you’ve got sloped shoulders or a slim upper body! Doing so can help create the illusion of broader shoulders.

Details such as epaulets will also make your shoulders look broader.

If you’ve got a bigger upper body, an excellent clothing hack is to wear Raglan sleeves. These give you a more sloped shoulder and help to create a thinner silhouette.

Hack #10 – Become A Quality Expert

man choosing quality clothing

So you’re out shopping for a new shirt, and you spot a fantastic deal. It’s tempting, but you’re skeptical.

It’s cheap for a reason, right? Not always.

The key is to be able to identify quality when looking at the material’s construction.

Check the small details:

  1. What cotton has been used for the buttons?
  2. Is all the stitching tight?
  3. Are there are any loose threads?

If a dress shirt is well-finished with pearl buttons and collar stays – chances are it’s of good quality.

Hack #11 – Cut Up Your Credit Card

Scissors cutting credit card. This can be useful for making collar stays which is a great clothing hack for guys

Gents – I promised you hacks. So here’s a doozy:

Do you still have that credit card you never use? Cut it to the appropriate shape and insert it into your collar to create DIY collar stays.

Overall, plastic is a much better alternative to expensive metal collar stays. Metal stays can damage your shirt if you leave them in while washing.

As stylish men, one of the last things we want is a flimsy collar. You can buy metal collar stays in most superstores, but they can range between $10 and $20.

With this hack your killing two birds with one stone! It will help you keep a stiff collar AND avoid credit card debt. You’re welcome.

Hack #12 – Photograph Your Hair

gut taking selfie of his haircut

This one’s easy.

Love your new haircut? Take a picture of it fresh out of the barber’s chair. That way, you can remember what hair style you want when you return in a few weeks.

Make sure to take several pictures! You could even ask your barber to record a video of your new look from a few angles while explaining key aspects of it.

To maintain a style, arrange regular visits to your barber every couple of months. That way, you’ll never look scruffy the day before an important event.

Hack #13 – Blow-Dry Your Shoes

Here’s the hack: Use a blow dryer on your shoes to help loosen them!

We’ve all bought shoes that don’t quite fit right. Maybe they’re too small or have a tight spot that rubs when you walk.

Apply some heat to fix the problem! To do this, slip on some thick wool socks and wear the shoes. Use the blow dryer to blow heat onto the tight spot for five to ten minutes.

The heat from the dryer, together with the wool’s thickness, helps shape your shoes to your feet.

Cedar shoe trees will help your shoes stay in shape after adjustments.

Hack #14 – Use Shirt Garters

Dress Shirt Stays are a great clothing hack for guys

Nobody wants a muffin top – or the illusion of one.

To keep your shirt tucked in all day, shirt garters/stays can save you retucking your shirt every 30 minutes.

The concept of shirt stays originated with military dress uniforms. They clip to your shirt-tails and the tops of your socks, and then you adjust them so that both are taut. This keeps both your socks and shirt neat.

Shirt garters are the same concept with a different design. They’re worn round your leg and only clip to your shirt. They allow more freedom of movement, but not the sock-straightening benefit.

Either variety is a huge help when you need to look polished, especially if you can’t have the shirt tailored.

Hack #15 – Predict The Future

buying well fitting clothes in bulk

Have you found a garment that REALLY works for you?

Buy two. Buy three or four if you can.

That’s right, one of the best clothing hacks for guys is buying in bulk.

Even the best clothes wear out. You don’t want to be stuck searching for a replacement for your favorite Henley in five or ten years. Predict the future and buy a few replacements!

Buying in bulk saves you time, energy, and heartache. It means you can be comfortable in your favorite clothes for longer.

Pro Tip: It’ll also give you the motivation to maintain a healthy weight!

Hack #16 – Shave Your Sweaters

pilling sweater

Shave the pilling off your sweater to get more wear out of it. Pilling can make your favorite sweater look untidy and worn out!

When you shave your face, you need to be careful not to cause injuries. It’s the same with pilling. Leave the straight razor in the bathroom and use a fresh disposable.

Lay the cloth on a flat surface and hold it with one hand. Shave over the pills with short, quick strokes and be careful around seams. Don’t press too hard!

Repeat this process until your sweater looks flat and tidy.

Hack #17 – Wear No-Show Socks

wearing no show socks is one of the best clothing hacks for guys

Long dress socks are the classic go-to in menswear. Yet, it’s worth trying no-show socks when it comes to more casual ensembles.

When are these especially appropriate? With men’s loafers and shorts in the summer.

Wearing shoes that show off too much of the foot can look awkward with dress socks. They’ll also feel much hotter in the summer.

However, you don’t want to go sock-less and have the sweat from your feet damage the shoes and smell up the place!

No-show socks are a perfect balance to help drive home that relaxed, country club aesthetic.

BONUS HACK: Immediately Polish Your Shoes


It’s crucial to polish your shoes straight after wearing them. That way, you address dirt and scuffs before they become a problem.

It also adds structure to your day and saves you from panicking when you need a pair of shoes on short notice!

Simply follow these steps:

  1. ALWAYS remove the laces before shining. You don’t want the polish getting on them.
  2. Use a dry brush or rag to clean off any dirt before polishing.
  3. Apply a conditioner to moisturize the surface of the leather.
  4. Choose a polish that is the same as your shoe color. If unsure, then opt for clear polish.
  5. Apply the polish with a horsehair brush. Cream polish serves to nourish the leather. Horsehair is stiff but soft enough not to scratch the leather.
  6. Use beeswax polish to add some luster and shine to the shoe.
  7. Sprinkle some water on the shoe and buff using a horsehair brush.

Gents, there you have it – 17 of the best clothing hacks for guys.

Many of these aren’t at all difficult, but most guys wouldn’t even think to do them! Combine several of these, and your style game will instantly improve.

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FAQs: Men’s Fashion Hacks

How can I stop my dress shirt from untucking throughout the day?

Try using shirt stays or tuck in your shirt using the “military tuck” method, which involves tucking excess fabric to the sides for a more streamlined appearance.

How can I prevent my leather shoes from creasing?

Store them with shoe trees or rolled-up socks to help maintain their shape and reduce creasing.

Is there a way to reduce the ‘shiny’ appearance on suits after dry cleaning?

Use a steamer rather than an iron. If you must iron, use a cloth in between the iron and the suit to prevent direct contact.

What’s an unknown tip for making ties look sharper?

Use a tie clip or pin not just for functionality, but to add a subtle touch of style.

How can I expand the lifespan of my jeans?

Reduce the frequency of washing and when you do, turn them inside out and use cold water. Air dry to prevent shrinking.

Any hack to quickly de-wrinkle clothes without an iron?

Hang the clothing item in the bathroom during a hot shower. The steam will help reduce wrinkles.

How can I make my dress shoes more comfortable?

Invest in quality shoe inserts or insoles tailored for dress shoes. They can offer added support and comfort.

Can I use hairspray on my clothes?

Hairspray can be used to remove static from clothing. However, always do a patch test first.

How can I prevent collar curls on polo shirts?

Use a flat iron (hair straightener) on a low setting to quickly press and straighten the collar.

Is there a trick to keep white sneakers looking pristine?

Use a mix of baking soda and water to form a paste and scrub away scuffs. For maintenance, consider a protective spray.

How to refresh the smell of a worn clothing item quickly?

A mixture of vodka and water in a spray bottle can refresh the smell. The alcohol kills odor-causing bacteria.

How can I keep my belts in good shape?

Roll them up starting from the buckle end or hang them vertically to prevent creases.

Can I make my old t-shirt softer?

Yes, a solution of salt and water can break down the fibers and make the shirt feel softer.

How do I prevent sock slippage in shoes?

Opt for socks with a rubberized grip at the heel or use double-sided fashion tape.

What’s a quick fix for a stuck zipper?

Rubbing a pencil (graphite) on the zipper teeth can act as a lubricant and ease the movement.

How to keep dark-colored clothes from fading?

Wash them inside out in cold water and avoid direct sunlight when drying to maintain their vibrant color.


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