Colin Creech: From Elite Marine to Failed Base Jumper to Boardroom Leader


The tapestry of life is often woven from threads of challenges, resilience, and reinvention. Few threads are as compelling as Colin Creech’s. His remarkable journey transitions from the elite echelons of Marine Force Recon to a heart-stopping setback in BASE jumping and culminates in the commanding corridors of corporate leadership.

Marine Force Recon: Challenging The Limits

Colin in South Africa – 2012

Colin Creech

Colin’s initial foray into the world of challenges was with the prestigious Marine Corps. After years of dedicated service marked by numerous deployments, the allure of Marine Force Recon beckoned. Known for its grueling selection process and elite status, Force Recon is not for the faint-hearted. It serves as the Marine Corps’ special operations force, tasked with conducting direct-action and deep reconnaissance missions. For Creech, this was a challenge he willingly accepted.

Not only did Creech embrace the demands of Force Recon, but he also confronted a personal aversion to heights, mastering both dive and jump schools. Skydiving evolved from a military task to a personal obsession.

Base Jumping in Italy – Colin Creech

Colin Creech

The Pursuit of the Ultimate Thrill: BASE Jumping and Resilience

Creech’s thirst for adrenaline and novelty propelled him into BASE jumping. As thrilling as this endeavor is, it carries inherent risks. Monte Brento in Italy bore witness to Creech’s gravest moment during his 95th BASE jump, where a parachute malfunction resulted in a catastrophic landing. Both legs broken and bleeding out, the odds seemed stacked against him.

Base jumping accident in Italy – Colin Creech

Colin Creech

But the spirit that propelled Creech through Force Recon and 500 skydives wouldn’t be easily subdued. He endured an arduous surgical process, involving many screws, and a long rehabilitation. The same resilience that defined his military service manifested again, allowing him to complete 12 more BASE jumps and 100 skydives after the accident. True to his character, he refused to quit on a bad note.

One Step ATTA Time: ATTA and a New Mission

CEO of ATTA – Colin Creech


Life’s twists and challenges paved the way for Creech’s next chapter, while manning a senior role at Johnson & Johnson. As CEO of ATTA, a mindset and value-driven companies, which motto is “One Step ATTA Time.” He felt called to the brand, connected through his lived experiences of perseverance and the spirit of a warrior. ATTA’s philosophy, built on the tenets of physical, mental, spiritual, and community wellness, resonates with Creech’s journey. This brand, under Creech’s guidance, seeks to inspire others to transcend boundaries and uncover their warrior spirit.

Colin Creech – CEO of ATTA


From the elite realms of Marine Force Recon to the high-stakes environment of BASE jumping, Colin Creech’s life epitomizes resilience, grit, and evolution. 

As he steers ATTA, he extends an invitation to all to recognize their innate strength, face vulnerabilities, and craft purpose-driven lives. Creech’s story stands as a beacon for Everyday Warriors everywhere, underlining the fact that our true potential is unlocked not in the absence of challenges but in our response to them.


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