Best Tudor Watches For Men


Gentlemen, today we’re diving deep into the world of horology and Tudor watches for men. A watch is not just a timepiece; it’s a statement, a piece of art, an heirloom, and sometimes even an investment.

When it comes to choosing a luxury watch, the name Rolex often stands out. But what if I told you that there’s another brand – intimately related to Rolex – that offers incredible quality at a more accessible price point?

Yes, gents, I’m talking about Tudor.

A Brief History of Tudor Watches

Old Tudor watch

Before we delve into the best Tudor watches for men, it’s essential to understand the brand’s rich heritage.

Founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, the genius behind Rolex, Tudor was created to be a more affordable alternative to Rolex – with the same commitment to quality as the more premium brand.

Over the decades, Tudor carved a niche for itself, developing timepieces that stood the test of time, literally and figuratively.

While Rolex may have its crown, Tudor proudly wears its shield.

Why Consider a Tudor?

Man working on watch

Now, some of you might be wondering: “Antonio, why should I opt for a Tudor when I can go for a Rolex?” Excellent question! Here’s why:

  1. Rolex Quality: Tudor makes their watches to the same quality standards as Rolex. The two brands share many of the same materials, machinery, and even some of the same processes.
  2. Distinct Identity: While Tudor may have started as a “younger Rolex”, it has grown to establish its distinct identity, offering designs and features unique to the brand.
  3. Affordability: Let’s face it, a Rolex can put a significant dent in your wallet. Tudor provides an accessible luxury experience, allowing more men to enjoy high-end Swiss craftsmanship.

Tudor vs. Rolex: Brothers in Arms or Seperate Entities?

Tudor and Rolex watches

When it comes to luxury watchmaking, few rivalries – or rather, comparisons – are as intriguing as that between Tudor and Rolex.

As previously mentioned, Tudor and Rolex and very closely linked – with Tudor being the brainchild of Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf.

But how do they stack up against each other? Let’s break down the similarities and differences.

The Shared Legacy

  1. Founder’s Vision: Both brands emanate from the genius of Hans Wilsdorf. While Rolex was Wilsdorf’s pioneering venture into the world of horology, Tudor was his answer to the demand for affordable yet quality timepieces.
  2. Swiss Craftsmanship: Whether you invest in a Rolex or a Tudor, you’re acquiring Swiss craftsmanship. Both brands emphasize precision, detail, and quality in their timepieces.
  3. Reliability: One of Wilsdorf’s primary goals with Tudor was to provide watches as reliable as Rolex but at a more approachable price point. And many would argue he succeeded. The movements, especially in the modern era with Tudor’s in-house calibers, are a testament to this.

Distinguishing Between The Two

Watch mechanics
  1. Price Point: The most obvious difference is the cost. Tudor watches generally come in at a fraction of the price of their Rolex counterparts. This affordability allows a broader audience to experience luxury watch ownership.
  2. Design Language: While early Tudor watches borrowed heavily from Rolex designs (think Tudor Submariners vs. Rolex Submariners), the brand has since evolved. Today, Tudor boasts a design language that’s uniquely its own, from the snowflake hands of the Black Bay series to the distinctive cases of the North Flag.
  3. Movements: For years, Tudor utilized modified ETA movements, which are reliable but not exclusive to the brand. However, in recent years, Tudor has been introducing its in-house movements, signaling a move towards greater autonomy. Rolex, on the other hand, has long been known for its in-house movements, boasting precision and a certain cachet that comes with such exclusivity.
  4. Material Use: Rolex often incorporates precious metals and gemstones in their watches, catering to the high-end luxury market. While Tudor does use quality materials, they often opt for more robust and less lavish options, in line with their ethos of accessibility and ruggedness.
  5. Target Audience: Rolex, with its premium pricing and materials, often caters to the upper echelons of society, those looking for an overt symbol of status and wealth. Tudor, while still luxurious, is geared towards enthusiasts who appreciate quality and history but might not want to (or cannot) splurge on a Rolex.

Best Tudor Watches For Men

Tudor watch range

As with any watch brand, Tudor has it front runners.

Don’t get me wrong, most (if not all) of their timepieces are top-dollar. However, some stand out above the rest.

Let’s break out the best of the best in Tudor’s line up.

Tudor Black Bay

Tudor black bay watch

A modern classic, the Black Bay collection draws inspiration from Tudor’s rich history of dive watches. With its distinctive snowflake hands, robust construction, and the reliability of a COSC-certified movement, the Black Bay is a favorite among many watch enthusiasts. Available in a variety of styles, from the classic steel version to the sultry Black Bay Bronze, there’s a design for every gentleman.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch M79030N-0001

Tudor Pelagos

Tudor Pelagos

For the hardcore diver, the Pelagos is a dream come true. It’s not just about its water resistance of up to 500 meters or its helium escape valve; it’s about the overall package. A lightweight titanium case, an innovative self-adjusting buckle, and luminescent markers make it perfect for the adventurous soul.

Tudor Pelagos LHD Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch 25610TNL-BKSTI

Tudor Heritage Ranger

Tudor heritage ranger

Inspired by the brand’s 1960s model, the Ranger exudes a vintage charm while being thoroughly modern in its functionality. Its simple dial and rugged aesthetic make it versatile for both casual and formal settings.

Tudor North Flag

Tudor North Flag

The North Flag is a testament to Tudor’s commitment to innovation.

It was the brand’s first model to showcase its in-house movement. With its power reserve indicator and a sporty design, it speaks to those who appreciate modern watchmaking while echoing the spirit of adventure.

Unfortunately, production for this timepiece concluded in 2021. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick one up second-hand. Provided it’s been looked after, a used Tudor watch can be a great investment that’ll last just as long as one straight from the shop floor.

Accessorizing with Tudor

Blue Tudor watch on nato strap

Wearing a luxury watch is about making a statement. When you sport a Tudor, it speaks of a man who values quality and heritage but is also conscious of value. Whether you’re dressed in a sharp suit ready for that business meeting or in rugged jeans preparing for an adventure, a Tudor watch seamlessly complements your style.

The watch you wear is more than just about telling time; it tells a story – about its craftsmanship, its history, and about the man who wears it. Tudor offers a range of timepieces that are built with the precision, quality, and luxury of a Rolex, yet at a price point that’s more accessible to many.

So gentlemen, if you’re in the market for a watch that marries tradition with innovation, and luxury with affordability, consider Tudor. It might just be the best decision you make in your horological journey.

Tudor Watches For Men

Are Tudor and Rolex the same company?

No, they are not the same company. However, they are closely related. Tudor was founded by Hans Wilsdorf, the same visionary behind Rolex. While Rolex came first, Tudor was created as an affordable alternative, offering the reliability and quality of Rolex at a more accessible price.

Do Tudor watches use Rolex movements?

Historically, Tudor used modified ETA movements for many of their watches. However, in recent years, Tudor has developed and incorporated its own in-house movements. Rolex, on the other hand, has always used its proprietary in-house movements.

Why are Tudor watches cheaper than Rolex?

Tudor watches were intentionally designed to be more affordable than Rolex, aligning with Hans Wilsdorf’s vision to provide a reliable watch at a lower price point. This is achieved through different material choices, movement sources, and design considerations.

Do Tudor watches hold their value like Rolex?

While Rolex watches are renowned for their resale value and sometimes appreciate over time, Tudor watches generally don’t hold or appreciate in value to the same extent. However, select Tudor models have become collectible and may see increased demand in the secondary market.

Is the quality of a Tudor watch comparable to that of a Rolex?

Yes, in many respects. Both brands emphasize Swiss craftsmanship, precision, and reliability. Tudor offers excellent quality, often leveraging many of the same materials and technologies as Rolex, albeit at a more affordable price point.

Can I expect the same prestige from wearing a Tudor as I would from a Rolex?

While Rolex has a longer history and is often seen as a more prestigious brand due to its price point and association with luxury, Tudor has carved out its own reputation in the watch industry. Wearing a Tudor signifies an appreciation for quality, heritage, and value.

Are Tudor watches good for investment purposes?

Generally, watches should not be primarily considered as investments. However, while Rolex watches have a track record of retaining or even appreciating in value, Tudor watches may not have the same investment potential. As always, the market can be unpredictable, so buy a watch because you love it, not solely for investment purposes.

How does the warranty and servicing compare between the two brands?

Both Tudor and Rolex offer warranties for their timepieces, ensuring against defects in material and craftsmanship. The terms and length of the warranties might vary, so it’s essential to check specifics at the time of purchase. Both brands also recommend periodic servicing to ensure the longevity and precision of the watch.

Do both brands offer a range of watches for various activities like diving, aviation, etc.?

es. Both Rolex and Tudor have a rich history of producing timepieces designed for specific activities. For example, Rolex has the Submariner and Sea-Dweller for diving, while Tudor offers the Black Bay and Pelagos lines.

If I appreciate the Rolex aesthetic but am on a budget, is Tudor a good option?

Absolutely. Tudor was created with the idea of providing a Rolex-like experience at a more approachable price point. If you appreciate the aesthetics and quality associated with Rolex but are working within a budget, Tudor is an excellent choice to consider.


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