5 Reasons Quality Shoes Are Important To A Man’s Wardrobe


What is one thing you wear…

…that fits all 3 descriptions below?

  • #1: A status symbol since… forever
  • #2: Sharpens the “end points” of your style
  • #3: Women love it (and there’s also a saying that women KNOW it)

Got the answer?

No idea?

Well I’m going to tell you:


Essential Men's Shoes

Can you imagine life without good shoes?

I can’t – shoes are such a key ingredient in every gentleman’s style.

This article reminds all of us why…

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Reason #1 – Shoes Indicate Your Status

shoes as status symbol

Shoes have always been a significant part of people’s status throughout history.

They have been known to indicate or represent wealth (or the lack of it) – especially in different forms of media and literature.

For instance, we have Hannibal Lecter – who was able to tell that Clarice Starling had come from humble beginnings by just looking at her shoes.

And shoes served as status symbols in many cultures – even the oldest ones like ancient Egypt. Slaves would go barefoot while common Egyptian citizens wore sandals made from woven papyrus.

It wasn’t even a question of how “nice” or comfortable they felt. The fact that someone owned sandals meant they were part of a more respectable social class.

Reason #2 – Shoes Represent Attention To Detail

Many people still agree that you can tell a lot about a guy by the shoes he wears.

Which actually makes sense – as there still is an inherent bias that men are less detail-oriented than women. That they only care about a good combo of shirt, jacket, and trousers.

By showing off a stylish pair – you break away from that stereotype. You prove you’ve got an eye for small details. That you’re a little more “sophisticated.”

Here’s the gist: you can get $600 dress for LESS than 200 bucks – as in below 1/3 the average price of what’s available in your local store!

AceMarks dares to be different. Unlike other luxury shoe companies, they sell directly to YOU – without going through all the costs related to middlemen, packaging, and mass distribution.

I wear AceMarks shoes too, so I have first-hand knowledge of what they bring to the table:

  • Quality – they’re made out of carefully selected full-grain leather, world-class materials, and go through thorough inspection from people with decades of experience in the shoe industry
  • Comfort – their carefully constructed last plus cushioned leather insole will prevent any discomfort (related to the pressure points around the heel)
  • Mobility – they won’t restrict movement whatsoever (thanks to their Blake Flex construction and leather outsole)
  • Variety – they come in various designs and color combinations to showcase your individuality

AceMarks is focused on giving each customer amazing dress shoes… to enhance even the most “ordinary” of styles. The best part is their system lets you save both money AND time – because their products will be sent straight to your home!

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Reason #3 – Shoes Help You Look Sharp From Head To Toe

Who can really bring their A-game in style?

Men who are well-aware of their end points… as in the two spots that are subject to the most eye fixation.


Those end points are namely (1) your face and (2) your dressed up feet. Obviously, you don’t use clothing to give your face that “wow” factor – just your hairstyle and facial hair to work with.

But it’s a whole other story when it comes to your feet. Choosing great shoes will make people see you as a completely (not just “very”) stylish guy.

And if you want to make that happen – you don’t necessarily need a brand new pair. Start with something simple like using a nice shoe cream or polish (try Meltonian creams – they enhance the color of your shoes just enough and give them a sleek finish).

Reason #4 – Quality Shoes Are A Spending Priority

quality shoe in man's hands

Let’s face it – people judge people all the time. Some like to base judgments on your spendings.

But if a normal guy with a regular job can show off a pair of high-quality shoes… it tells his peers that he’s got his spending priorities straight.

That’s right. Classy, elegant men’s shoes should be a priority item. There’s really no shame in it.

We all have a right to buy whatever we can use to improve ourselves, and a right to enjoy a nice reward with our hard-earned money. More and more people have realized that.

So nowadays – you can see the idea of buying new shoes as a message for those in your circle: I’m doing great in my job and everything… and I know exactly what to buy with my earnings that won’t be a waste.

Reason #5 – Women Are Drawn To Stylish Shoes

compliment woman right way

And then we have the “women” reason – how women know shoes in the same way that men know cars. Both concepts are generalizations.

But hey – they weren’t just created out of blue! Or they didn’t just randomly become popular sayings that people still agree with these days. There IS a tiny fraction of truth behind them.

For the case of women knowing shoes – it might’ve been influenced by studies that show women pay more attention to the little details.

And since women tend to own more shoes than men, it means we also expect less effort from guys in terms of shoe style. But clearly – the times are changing. The ladies now love it whenever they see a man pulling off a fancy pair.

Some of them may approach you and start a conversation about it. Others might simply say in their heads “Wow, this guy has good taste!” (especially if your shoes fit with the other colors in your wardrobe). Either way – it’s already an achievement to have caught their eye. So build upon it.

Bonus Reason – Shoes Say Something About Your Life In General

Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about doctors and the shoes they use:

• Many doctors wear running shoes to stay comfortable during long walks at the hospital corridors.

• In a lengthy medical procedure, shoes that are made with a nice cushioning can cause sore feet – since they don’t evenly distribute the weight.

• The best shoes for those long hours in the hospital are clogs. Yes – that shoe style (which hasn’t been a trend since the ’70s) is actually popular among doctors, nurses, and even medical students!

The point is… your shoes have the power to give others a clear idea about your profession, your hobbies, or even the basic facts about your lifestyle (whether you’re outdoorsy vs. stuck in a cubicle all day).

So always think twice before choosing any shoes – as some types can totally misrepresent who you are. And always refer to what works for everyone else in that same field (such as the One Shoe Checklist for male lawyers). That’s how you’ll be able to stay within the limits.

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