10 Things Stylish Men NEVER Do (Not Even In Their Dreams)


What constitutes a stylish man?

Is it the size of his closet? The outfits he puts on? The knowledge of current trends in the fashion industry?

stylish men never do

The truth is, it’s a little bit of all of those things, along with a number of other things.

A truly stylish man is an individual who takes care of himself and takes pride in his appearance and is not afraid to show himself to the world.

If you are at the beginning of your style journey and you wish to become a stylish man, I am here to help you with 10 things that a stylish man would never do.

  1. Forget The Power Of Confidence
  2. Forget To Give Compliments
  3. Wear Their Big Brothers Clothing
  4. Never Forget To Finish Off An Outfit
  5. Buy Clothing They Won’t Wear
  6. Spend Big Money On Trends
  7. Never Forget To Be Vain
  8. Never Wear Wrinkled Clothing
  9. Dress Against Their Body Type
  10. Never Wear Cheap Shoes

Let’s get into it!

1. Forget The Power Of Confidence

A truly stylish man never forgets that his biggest asset is his confidence.

When you wear something that makes you feel great, people around you will notice the increased confidence you will have.

In order for you to gain confidence in yourself and to feel confident in what you wear, you need to practice wearing every single item you buy.

Style is whatever you want it to be, as long as you do it with confidence.

Once you finish practicing in the comfort of your home, you need to take the final, crucial step. A step outside of your house and into the public.

Go to your closest grocery store or walk around your neighborhood and see how people respond to you.

Once you feel comfortable enough in your clothes, you will have the confidence you need and you will be able to walk outside in anything you put on and feel great about it.

2. Forget To Give Compliments

When you see someone on the street who looks great and who put effort into their outfit, make sure you give them a compliment.

Not only will they be thrilled that someone noticed their effort, but you will also feel satisfied knowing you made someone happier.

In most cases, once you give someone a compliment, chances are, you will also receive one back.

A 2012 study out of the National Institute for Psychological Sciences in Japan had concluded that when people receive compliments, the brain reacts in the same way as when people are rewarded cash.

So instead of giving people a wad of cash each time they dress well, reward them with a compliment and watch them glow!

3. Wear Their Big Brother’s Clothing

How often do you see people in clothes that looks like it was passed down for at least 3 generations?

Gentlemen, understand that fit is the most important thing you need to watch out for when buying new clothing.

If it does not fit, you should not wear it.

style law of fit
There’s a law that every man should follow, but fit is king for every outfit.

You can always take your clothes to a tailor and have the tailor alter it in order for it to fit properly.

There are also stores that offer made to measure clothes online, so you can get a perfect fit from the comfort of your home.

4. Never Forget To Finish Off An Outfit

Every stylish guy knows that details matter, especially when it comes to your outfits.

Every time you put on a jacket or a sports blazer, make sure you don’t forget a pocket square to finish off the outfit. The same applies to the rest of your accessories and outfits.

Finishing off the outfit properly can make a dull outfit look amazing and that is what you should look towards when choosing how to finish off your outfit.

One of the most important areas that men quite often forget is their collar.

Since the collar is the closest thing to your face, you should always make sure it stands stiff, as opposed to draping on the side.

Gentlemen, it is the finishing touches and the details in your outfits that separate you from the others.

5. Buy Clothing They Won’t Wear

Every man needs to realize that the most expensive clothing he has are the pieces he doesn’t wear.

Just because something is on sale, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy it.

Stylish men know and understand the power of an interchangeable wardrobe and they use it to make their lives easier.

man with a lot of shopping bags
Make sure you only buy things you really need.

Creating a list of items you need is also a great idea to separate what you need and what you will wear, as opposed to buying clothes you don’t need and won’t wear.

By investing in an interchangeable wardrobe and making a list of your needs for clothing, you cut down the time you spend going around stores and also you save money because you know your priorities and you don’t spend on things that you don’t really need.

6. Spend Big Money On Trends

Trends change every couple of months, so in order to save money and build a good wardrobe, you want to avoid spending a lot of money on clothes that will be out of style a few months later.

The key here is to buy clothing that is timeless and that you will be able to wear even ten years from now.

This also allows you to spend more money on higher quality clothing that will last for a long time and that you get a lot of wears out of.

Invest in quality over quantity.

The great thing about investing in an interchangeable wardrobe with quality clothing is that you will develop a feel for quality.

This will allow you to recognize when something is good or bad quality, so you will know if it is worth the price or not.

7. Never Forget To Be Vain

Similar to our point about confidence, stylish men never forget to be vain.

By this, we don’t mean that you should think that you are perfect and better than everybody else, but you should be proud of yourself and with the way you look, especially if you know the effort that you put in to get to that point.

A 2018 study out of Queen’s University of Belfast concluded that people with narcissistic tendencies show better results at work and are more likely to succeed.

confident man
Make sure to take pride in your success.

Always take pride in whatever you are doing, know your worth and you will be able to achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

8. Never Wear Wrinkled Clothing

This point should not only be on this list, but it should be general knowledge.

No one should wear clothes that they did not iron after washing.

It doesn’t matter if you are stylish or not, you should know how to iron and you should use an iron regularly.

man ironing dress shirt
Do YOU know how to iron?

Not only will your clothes look better, but you will also feel better knowing that you look well put together.

9. Dress Against Your Body Type

A stylish man knows what his body type is and he wears clothing that flatters his body type.

When you buy clothing, you should never think about the body you will have in three months, or six months and buy clothing for then.

You should always buy clothes for the body you have right now, because otherwise, you may not reach your body goal in the given time and you will have clothes in your closet that serve no purpose at all.

There are also ways for you to leverage clothing to make your silhouette look better.

men body shapes
Know your body shape and dress accordingly.

If you are a skinny guy, you should learn how to layer properly to make yourself look bigger.

On the other hand, if you are a larger guy, then wear a jacket that builds up your shoulders so that people can focus on that, instead of your midsection.

Learn how to dress for your body type and use your clothes as a tool to look better.

10. Never Wear Cheap Shoes

When you think about an outfit, you should pay special attention to your shoes.

After all, wherever you may be going to, shoes are always going to be on the front line. You will pass over mud, holes in the street and different things people just throw on the ground.

This is exactly why you should never, ever wear cheap shoes.

And if you need another reason, then you should know that a 2012 study by a group of scientists from different universities concluded that shoes are becoming the focus of other people when they take a look at you.

Based off of your shoes, people will make quick judgments about you.

anatomy of men's shoes infographic
The anatomy of a men’s shoe.

I actually cut a pair of expensive dress shoes in half and found out that the inside of these shoes contains better quality materials that are used to achieve maximum comfort.

Remember that sometimes you will be in your shoes for hours at a time, so make sure that you are comfortable in them.

Now get out there and show the world exactly what sort of man you are – stylish and sophisticated!


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