Tired of Being The Beta? 10 Tips To Become The ALPHA Male


What makes an “alpha male?”

Is it chest hair?

Is it how close he looks to Dwayne Johnson, or how hard he punches?


Being an alpha male isn’t about genes. It’s about attitude.

It’s a skill you learn just like riding a bike.

man wearing leather jacket

How do YOU become an alpha? That’s the topic of today’s article – we’re going over ten alpha male body language tips you can start doing today.

  1. Nod up
  2. A glance at the wrist
  3. Eyes on the prize
  4. Freeze
  5. Take your time
  6. Smile to disarm
  7. Take the throne
  8. Master the first touch
  9. Keep your hands exposed
  10. Stroke the beard
  11. Strut like a CEO

Alpha Male Tip 1. Nod UP

Nodding up during meetings will help you achieve a dominant look without being aggressive.

Let’s kick this off with something simple and inoffensive.

We nod every day, but the way you nod signals whether you’re the leader of the pack or not.

Believe it or not, dominant men nod UP rather than DOWN. You nod downwards when you submit to demands.

However, gesturing upwards can signal agreement without necessarily cowing to another man. Give it a try!

Alpha Male Tip 2. Glance At Your Watch

Don’t underestimate the power of men’s watches. Timepieces show off a man’s alpha side, and there is science to prove it.

A 2015 study out of the PeerJournal of Life & Environment took a survey of over 112 men and women (over 60% of them were female).

The experiment determined that watches are associated strongly with emotional stability and extroversion – both of which are essential alpha male traits.

Alpha Male Tip 3. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

man making eye contact
Strong eye contact factors majorly when it comes to how others perceive you. The eyes say it all, baby.

There are countless resources that tell you to maintain eye contact.

None of them tell you for how long.

Thanks to Michigan State University, there is an answer.

You should be looking at the other person dead in the eyes for about 50% of the time you speak, and then for 70% of the time you spend listening.

Remember the 50-70 rule. It boils down to looking away just enough that you’re not a robo-creep but staring long enough that you captivate the other person.

Alpha Male Tip 4. Freeze!

How often do you move around? The fact is that betas make way for people more than most. They flinch, they shy away, and that simply won’t do.

When it comes to alpha male body language, the simplest thing you can do is to stay in place.

This is not to say that you should be in people’s way and become a hindrance, but try to make it so people come to you rather than going to them.

Waiting puts the power on your side.

This applies to the realm of dating. When a woman approaches you, do not shirk away.

Simply stay where you are. If she closes in more, DO NOT RETREAT. Any guy can do this!

Alpha Male Tip 5. Take Your Sweet Time

Stay calm – it’s as simple as that.

Being jittery may do wonders for The Flash, but it won’t help you get the girl.

The key is to take it easy.

A 2018 study from the Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience states that your movements often serve as an accurate indicator of your mental state to others.

What does this mean? If your gestures are too quick or your legs shake, you’ll be perceived as nervous and insecure.

Calm, deliberate movements are what hold the power.

It showcases a man who is calm, collected, and confident. This is the alpha male body language you NEED to master.

Alpha Male Tip 6. Disarm Them With Your Smile

Everyone tells you to smile, but I’m here to tell you why.

According to a 2015 study, when you smile, so does everyone else.

What does this mean? Flashing those pearly whites influences people.

It compels them to like you on a subconscious level. On top of all that, it influences them to smile back.

Bam – it’s that easy. Just make sure you’ve brushed your teeth!

Alpha Male Tip 7. Take The Throne

man sitting relaxed
Using relaxed, open body language will only help you.

Certain poses signal more power than others. One of the more famous proponents of the “power pose” is social psychologist Amy Cuddy.

Her research is controversial – with other scientists rising to challenge her thesis over which poses make an alpha male.

Regardless of how you feel about her, there is a grain of truth in all of it.  Alpha males take up space.

They sit back, spread their legs a bit, and put their arm over the chair.

The alpha male looks relaxed and open to conversation.

Alpha Male Tip 8. Master The First Touch

Most of the time, you shouldn’t touch a lady before she touches you – that’s the safe bet.

However, what if you want to take the chance? There are ways to touch a woman that doesn’t make you a creep.

You can just barely brush her arm. Gentle arm touches also work as an appropriate way to emphasize your points.

Finally, you can have your arms touch slightly when standing next to each other.

It’s not rocket science!

Alpha Male Tip 9. Keep Your Hands Where We Can See ‘Em

sharp looking man

This one is easy: Don’t put your hands in your pockets.

It makes you look defensive and closed off. Remember what we said about open body language? This figures into that.

Alpha Male Tip 10. Stroke Your Beard

men's facial hair style
Your beard can help you look like an alpha.


Running your hand down the length of your beard can make you look invested in the conversation.

It’ll make you look intrigued by what the other person is saying.

However, this will track all the germs and dirt from your hands to your beard – so don’t do it too often!

Lacking a mane? The jawline works all the same.

Alpha Male Tip 11. Strut Like A CEO

bright shoulders man

Do you walk in a perpetual rush? Do you slouch?

The National Academy of Sciences is here to tell you that you should sway those shoulders.

Men who spice up their shoulder swagger experience a 50% boost in attraction, because doing so accentuates the ideal shoulder-to-waist ratio.

Yet another easy-as-pie body language trick.

Summary – Alpha Male Body Language

Gents, being an alpha male isn’t tough. It essentially boils down to staying calm and confident. It’s about going at your own pace – and making sure the world knows it.

Click below to watch the video – 10 ALPHA Body Language Tricks That INCREASE Sex Appeal!




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