Style Graphic Tees – 5 Tips To Rock Them With ANYTHING (Even A Suit)


Real Men Real Style putting out content on how to style graphic tees?

how to style a graphic tee

Yes… this is unusual.

Most guys look horrible in graphic tees – and RMRS has never been shy about pointing that out.

But what if most guys just don’t know how to style them?

Is there a stylish way to rock the graphic tee?

Read on for some answers you’re going to love.

Ihsaan of The StyleJumper really understands and loves t-shirts. These are his five keys to bringing graphic tees into your stylish wardrobe.

1. Key To Styling Graphic Tees: Nail The Fit

The most important thing to think about when choosing a graphic tee is how it fits.

Make sure that it’s not too big or too long. You want something that’s a little contoured to your body.

The fit of your tee is perfect when you can pinch (not pull) between 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach.

Length-wise, it should end around your hip – no lower than between the top and middle of your back pocket. If it’s covering your butt – it’s too long.

2. Choose Wisely

There are good and bad graphic tees out there. What makes a good one?

The most important factor is the message that you’re trying to convey. Choose a graphic that’s either saying something amazing or is just a great picture.

The base of a good graphic tee will be plain white or black – not colored or tie-dyed.

best style graphic tees
This beautiful graphic would be ruined by a colored background.

Why? Because the graphic already expresses whatever you need to see.

With a black or white background there are no distractions – so you can just focus on that graphic.

3. Style Graphic Tees With Layers

A solid black or white base color makes your tee easy to layer with other items in your wardrobe.

Try it with a jean jacket, a pullover, a button-up, or even a blazer or sports jacket.

But is a graphic tee so casual by nature that you can only dress it up to a certain point?

Not necessarily. You can even style a graphic tee with a suit. For instance – if it has a white base it’s going to look great with a suit and a minimalist white sneaker.

By styling graphic tees this way, you’re bringing something a bit more artistic to the style.

You’re wearing a suit in a way that it wasn’t initially intended to be worn and making it your own.

Layering something that’s formal with something traditionally casual is a great juxtaposition between creativity and elegance.

4. Get The Right Footwear

The best type of shoe to wear with a graphic tee is something casual. Imagine wearing a graphic tee with a black Balmoral Oxford… not a good look.

Try a minimalist sneaker – white or black depending on the base of your shirt.

That’s the key to making that graphic pop, as well as your outfit.

You can definitely rock casual dress shoes like a derby or a Chelsea boot too. Pair those with jeans rather than trousers to avoid bringing in too much formality.

5. Style Graphic Tees With Accessories

You can have a lot of fun accessorizing your graphic tee. There are tons of options.

Try a cool hat to make you look more regal and sleek.

Or if your graphic tee has some color in the graphic – try picking up one of those colors in casual types of belts or watch bands.

Conclusion – 5 Keys To Styling Graphic Tees

So have you changed your stance on graphic tees now that you know how to wear them?

  1. Nail The Fit – Your graphic tee should be slightly contoured to your body, not too long or too wide.
  2. Choose Wisely – Go for a meaningful or great-looking graphic on plain black or white
  3. Style Graphic Tees With Layers – You can even pair your tee with a suit.
  4. Get The Right Footwear – Something casual, ideally minimalist sneakers that match the base color of the tee.
  5. Accessorize – Pick up a color from the graphic in your belt or watch strap or go for a cool hat.

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