Signs That Your Eating Habits Are Too Restrictive (And Why You Won’t Lose Weight Like That)

Reducing your caloric intake will help with weight loss, that’s for sure! But it’s okay to cut yourself some slack. Not doing so can lead to constant hunger, anxiety and unhealthy eating habits. So here are some warning signs your eating habits might be way too extreme.


You Avoid Going To Parties Because You Fear You’ll Get Tempted By Food


When you’re stuck on that “dieting” mentality, you focus more on your daily intake and controlling everything you put in your mouth. That’s not only impossible to sustain in the long run, b it’s also pretty exhausting! Take a deep breath and go to that party. If you’re afraid you’ll get derailed by all the food there, make sure to eat an apple or some yogurt before going. Then, limit yourself to eating only the foods you truly enjoy and drink tons of water to feel full. Eat small bits and enjoy what you’re eating. Life’s meant to be living. And if you go overboard, don’t fret! You can always go back to cooking your own meals the next day.


You Stay Away From All The “Bad” Foods


There’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods. There are only bad diets and bad eating habits, and among the worst of them is being too restrictive with food. When you deprive yourself from eating certain foods you deem as “bad” is that your body instinctually wants them more. This is one of the reasons why diets don’t work long-term. French fries aren’t necessarily “bad” just because they’re loaded with fat and carbohydrates. In order to lose weight and avoid the yoyo effect, you shouldn’t stick to eating only eating fruits and veggies. Start eating intuitively and mindfully and listen to what your body wants and make sure to control your portion size.


You Snack On Zero-Calorie Foods Like Celery Because You’re Never Full


If your diet’s making your hungry then you’re doing it wrong. Just because you’re restricting your daily food intake doesn’t mean you should ever go hungry. That’s only going to backfire in the long run. Sure, you might feel a bit hungry at times, but if you’re CONSTANTLY hungry, then you need to make some alterations to your diet plan. Perhaps, you’re constantly hungry because you’re not eating enough fiber, protein, and fat. If you’re completely restricting carbohydrates, then you should add small amounts of carbs to your meals. Same goes with protein and fiber, which your diet might be lacking. Start going for hearty, protein-filled meals that keep you full for longer.


You Eat Clean But You Don’t Really Enjoy What You Eat

Well, that’s gotta change now. Because nothing has the power of ruining your weight loss efforts like forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like. Eventually, it’s going to come back to bite you in the butt! Gone are the days when we thought dieting meant depriving ourselves of eating what we wanted. If you absolutely hate eating a bland bowl of tuna salad, then replace it by grilled fish that’s packed with Omega 3 and fatty acids. Add some rice and beans, or sauteed veggies as a side dish, and have fun playing with spices that add flavor. Stop counting calories and start enjoying the food you eat. Listen to your body instead and only eat when you’re hungry. Only go for meals that allow you to enjoy the texture, richness, softness, and the crunchiness. Make an effort to eat healthy foods, but only go for the ones that taste good for you.