Look At These 21 Super Awesome Dads Doing Dad Things

“With power comes great responsibility,” isn’t this true when it comes to being a parent? Bonding with a kid is definitely a difficult task. Especially if you are a dad and you are way too clever with your dad things. You need to be extra careful about what you are telling them and how your actions might affect them. Because they notice everything. While you try and go through every damn parenting book available in the world, there will be nothing like the experience. And while the responsibility is a big one, you may see that some dads take it very far with their normal dad things. How can we say that? Well, you need to see this list of dad fails. It is sure to make you laugh. And if you are mom reading this, you might have to call home and check what your kids are upto with their dad.
Images via Imgur

Let’s have a look at these 21 super awesome dads doing dad things.

1. Now that’s what you call the correct use of a having a baby. Isn’t it? 

2. While you play your game!

3. Looks like someone else needed a nap more than the baby. 

4. Look who’s here?

5. So the baby won’t move an inch. 

6. It’s a daddy-son grocery date, with costumes of course. 

7. Mustard sauce aka mustache and banana. 

8. Nappy time!

9. Whatever my girl wants. 

10. A place to keep my plate full of food. Why not? 

11. Don’t move baby!

12. Taking her off to driving classes. 

13. Because mommy asked not to leave daddy alone. 

14. Pillow fights and superman jumps. 

15. OMG! I just hope all this is not real. 

16. Teddy eyes, my kid. 

17. It is her first driving lesson, daddy ought to be prepared. 

18. Now that you are a father, your carrier will be for your kids. 

19. And let this father define parenting for you. 

20. Like daddy, like daughters. 

21. So the baby has milk on time.