How To Look GREAT In Glasses (MEN)


A long time ago, I wasn’t cool, stylish or attractive. I was a nerdy, skinny middle-schooler who played in the band, loved the math team and had no idea how to look great in glasses.

I’ll level with you. My specs were HUGE and ugly. Thankfully, I can afford better ones now because let’s face it – no one looks good in cheap oversized spectacles. But… is it possible to look AMAZING in glasses?

The answer is a resounding yes and in this article I’m going to tell you how to look great in glasses.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  1. Own the look
  2. Buy your glasses online
  3. Find the right frame for your face
  4. Own multiple frames
  5. Protect your glasses

How To Look Great In Glasses #1 Own The Look

men in suit wearing glasses

It’s safe to say nowadays, men are well-aware that glasses can improve or transform your appearance. In fact, glasses make you look smarter. Don’t believe me?

Scientist Helmut Leder published a 2011 study in the Swiss Journal of Psychology titled: The Glasses Stereotype Revisited: Effects of Glasses on Perception, Recognition and Impressions on Faces. Helmut compared people who didn’t wear glasses against people who wore rimless and full-rimmed glasses.

People with full-framed glasses were considered more distinctive and were given more eye contact by study participants. These guys were also perceived as being more intelligent and more successful.

Check out the full study results here:

glasses attractiveness table

In other words, wear glasses and people may believe you’re more likely to succeed than others – or you’re more successful than you actually are.

Does that put pressure on you?


But hey, wouldn’t you rather deal with those kinds of expectations than the negative kinds?

So, where to buy those rimmed glasses?

Glasses Style Tip #2 Buy Your Glasses Online

Why waste time and effort buying glasses in a brick-and-mortar store? It’s much better to get glasses online these days – for the same reasons we love using eBay, Amazon and more. Here are the main incentives for purchasing glasses online:

  • Lower Prices – Getting products directly from the source means saving by bypassing the middleman. For eyeglasses, you can save up to 70% off the normal retail price! This is possible because online brands can manufacture their frames at their in-house labs before customizing them to your prescription and shipping them.
  • More Options – Online stores generally have a wider range of glasses. They are not restricted by shop size. Lenses available online are still designed by opticians in well-equipped labs and are just as high-quality as the ones you find in retail outlets.
  • Convenience – You can search for the perfect pair online, make a purchase, and wait for it to be delivered straight to your home. The whole process doesn’t take long at all.

Just be sure any glasses you buy online come with a manufacturer’s warranty of at least a year and a solid return/refund policy.

Glasses Style Tip #3 Find The Right Frame For Your Face

how to look attractive in glasses find a frame for your face

Have you heard of ‘birth control’ glasses? I saw a lot when I served in the military. Cheap and functional… but unfashionable.

Don’t settle for those types. You deserve something much better. The glasses you wear every day should be an investment. You deserve a pair that functions as a stylish accessory (like a classic watch, a nice pocket square or even a bowtie).

Find the right glasses and you will feel more confident whenever you wear them, wherever you go.

The key ingredient to confidence-boosting glasses is finding a pair with a design that complements your face shape.

In general, all human faces fall into any of these categories of men’s face shapes (and it’s your job to figure out yours):

  • Heart/Diamond – characterized by a large forehead, broad cheekbones, and a narrow chin. You’ll want a pair of eyeglasses with similar angles (rounder-shaped frames which are wider at the top would make a nice contrast).
glasses for heart/diamond face shape
  • Round – describes a rounded forehead and a more circular face. You’ll want frames which put more emphasis on the width than the height. Rectangular frames would help add structure and definition to your face.
glasses for round face shape
  • Square – refers to a square face and jaw. You’ll want to neutralize those “extreme angles” of your face using softer, rounder frames.
glasses for square face shape
  • Oval – This enviable face shape would rock almost any style of glasses. But the best choice would be symmetrical frames with a rigid structure (but also have some softness with a round bottom).
glasses for oval face shape

Check out this detailed chart to choose the right frame for your face shape:


Glasses Style Tip #4 Own Multiple Frames

Let’s say you were a millionaire. Would you honestly be okay with owning one car? Probably not.

You could easily afford extra cars in case one breaks down – and they would most likely be different models. You could have a sports car for yourself, a van to transport friends and family, and maybe a stretch limo to bring to those grand events. It’s all about function and style.

So similarly, it’s good to have 2-3 eyeglasses with you at any time. You’ll never know if you end up losing a pair or you accidentally break it. You always want a backup, especially if you travel a lot like I do.

glasses frame shapes
Maybe not this many pairs but you get the idea!

Since most men are creatures of habit, it’s normal for guys to stick to the same style of specs for 10 or 20 years. But times are always changing. And you should consider changing things up every now and then to let the world know you’re still with it.

So along with 2-3 different pairs, you should explore the idea of having multiple frames – in terms of frame material or color. Experiment with various looks and step outside your comfort zone.

What are the best frame materials for men’s glasses?

  • Plastics/Nylon-based Composites (suitable for brightly-colored glasses, although painted metals are also available)
  • Titanium/Titanium Alloys (popular for their lighter weight and flexibility)
  • Zylonite (a lightweight material that comes in just about any color)

What are the best frame colors for men’s glasses?

  • The “conservative” tones: goldsilverfine blackbrowngunmetal
    (perfect for men who frequently wear a suit and tie, or those who work in formal settings)
  • More “adventurous” choices: bright colorsdeep red/green/black
    (for students or creative professionals who want a geeky, retro kind of look that stands out)

Glasses Style Tip #5 Protect Your Glasses

Make sure you have a sturdy protective case for your eyeglasses. Trust me – you won’t enjoy the burdens of wearing squashed or scratched glasses.

Dirty or imperfect-looking lenses can be an eyesore but they can also imply you’re a guy who doesn’t take care of himself – not very attractive.

Also remember to use a soft microfiber cloth – specifically for rubbing against your glasses. Don’t rely on your shirt or tissue paper. Cleaning your frames and lenses is a delicate task. You need careful hands and the right material to do it properly.

Always use both hands to remove your glasses from the case (this helps maintain their original shape). Finally, never store your glasses facing downward to avoid any scratches or cracks.

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variety of reader glasses

FAQs: How Men Can Look GREAT In Glasses

Why is it important for a man to select the right pair of glasses?

Selecting the right pair of glasses is crucial because they not only aid in vision but also significantly influence a person’s facial aesthetics. A well-selected pair can enhance one’s features and create a refined, intelligent, or fashionable image.

How can a man choose the right frame shape?

A man can choose the right frame shape by considering the shape of his face. As a rule of thumb, the frame shape should contrast with the face shape. For example, round glasses look great on square or angular faces, while angular glasses complement round faces.

What role does skin tone play in choosing the right glasses?

Skin tone plays a significant role in selecting the right glasses. Warmer skin tones may look better with frames in colors like brown, gold, or honey, while cooler skin tones might be flattered by black, silver, or blue frames.

What types of frames are suitable for professional settings?

Traditional frames in neutral colors like black, brown, or grey, with a rectangle or oval shape, often work well in professional settings. However, personal style and the culture of the workplace can also influence this choice.

What are the current trends in men’s glasses?

Current trends include geometric frames, transparent or semi-transparent frames, sustainable materials, bold colors, and vintage-inspired designs. However, trends should not override personal comfort and style preferences.

Can a man wear glasses even if he doesn’t need them for vision correction?

Yes, non-prescription glasses, also known as fashion or clear glasses, can be worn purely as a fashion accessory.

How can glasses enhance a man’s features?

Glasses can draw attention to the eyes, add balance to facial features, and create an air of sophistication or intellectual charm. The key is to choose a style that complements your natural features.

Are there glasses styles that can make a man look younger or older?

Yes, glasses can influence perceived age. For example, classic, refined frames might create a mature, sophisticated image, while trendy, modern frames might give a youthful appearance.

How can glasses impact a man’s confidence?

Wearing glasses that complement one’s facial features and personal style can boost self-confidence by enhancing overall appearance and creating a stylish, put-together look.

Are there different glasses for different occasions?

Absolutely! Just like clothing, you can have glasses for different occasions. For instance, more formal frames for work, funky or trendy frames for social outings, and perhaps a sturdy, sporty pair for physical activities.

How should glasses fit?

Glasses should sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and not slide down. The frames should not be too tight or too loose, and the edge of the frames should extend slightly beyond your face.

How important is it to regularly update prescription glasses?

It is crucial to update prescription glasses regularly or as recommended by an eye doctor to ensure optimal vision and comfort.

What are some good brands to consider for men’s glasses?

Some popular brands for men’s glasses include Ray-Ban, Warby Parker, Oakley, Gucci, and Tom Ford. However, the best brand depends on an individual’s style preference and budget.

How can men balance wearing glasses with other accessories?

Men can balance glasses with other accessories by choosing colors and styles that complement each other. For example, the color of the frames could be echoed in a tie, watch, or shoes.

What are the considerations for men wearing sunglasses?

Similar principles apply to sunglasses as regular glasses in terms of face shape and skin tone. However, other considerations might include the level of UV protection, the environment in which they’ll be worn (city, beach, mountains), and personal style preferences.

What role does the color of the lenses play in glasses?

The color of lenses can affect how well you see contrast and color. For prescription glasses, the lens color is usually clear, but for sunglasses, different colors can provide different benefits. For example, brown or amber lenses are good for enhancing contrast, while grey lenses are ideal for reducing overall brightness without distorting colors.

How can men transition from not wearing glasses to wearing them?

Transitioning to wearing glasses can be eased by choosing a comfortable pair that suits their face and style. It can also help to gradually increase the time wearing them and to be patient while adjusting to the new look.

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