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golden retriever

golden retriever

What are you up to this weekend? We are playing baseball at the park tonight, and then I would like to sleep for 100 years. Life has been intense lately! One cute thing? I did a podcast episode with Anton and his raspy voice delights me so much. Hope you have a good one — take gentle care of yourself — and here are a few links from around the web…

Catbird, our favorite jewelry brand, is offering 20% off. The #1 item on my holiday wishlist is now this gorgeous necklace.

Are literary hats the new tote bags? (NYTimes gift link)

This London house is 140 square feet! That’s even smaller than Stella’s old place.

This English garden took my breath away.

Emma Cline’s short story in the New Yorker is verrrrrrrry creepy and good. I had to stop reading at bedtime because I got too freaked!

Isn’t this a fun cookbook cover?

Ooh, what a gorgeous date night shirt.

The best breakfast sandwich. (Bon Appetit)

WOW, this photograph! (Speaking of Christo & Jeanne-Claude, my coolest/dorkiest Halloween costume ever was dressing up with my friend Jason as The Gates.)

Always enjoy Kottke’s media diets.

A comedy classic, haha.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Allie on In which I’ve somehow become a sports mom: “This is the only thing I say to my kids after games. Hit the winning run in? I loved watching you play. Got five baskets? I loved watching you play. Scored zero points and lost the game by 10? I loved watching you play. Today I was watching a Travis Kelce reel (because, of course) where he finds his mom after the Super Bowl. She’s laughing with glee and hugging him, and guess what she says? ‘It was so fun watching you all week.’ He had just won the SUPER BOWL and that’s what she said. I took a screenshot! Here we are, with Mama Kelce, celebrating the effort and joy of playing.”

Says Katy on In which I’ve somehow become a sports mom: “I like to tell my kids, ‘I couldn’t do what you did! I’m so proud of you.’ It’s such a boost for an eight-year-old to feel more skilled at something than a parent.”

Says Lauren O. on four fun things: “I was a soccer-playing, actually-injured-myself-dancing-at-the-Spice-World-movie exchange student in England in 1999, so the only way the Beckham doc could be more up my alley is if it came with kebab-van vouchers. I never saw Becks play overseas, but when the Galaxy came to NYC and he trotted to the pitch the whole damn stadium gasped; it was like the sun came out from behind a cloud. I haven’t seen star power like that since George Clooney made an appearance at my office and the whole mezzanine spontaneously broke into applause. If anyone needs a follow-up doc, I imagine Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story on the bonkers Wagatha Christie saga will be as delicious as the saga itself. #teamcoleen”

(Photo by Celia Catalino/Stocksy. Smallest house via Laura Fenton.)

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