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What are you up to this weekend? Anton built a shoebox car with his friends at day camp this week, and tomorrow is the big race! Last year, his strategy was “to not use the brakes,” so we will see what happens tomorrow. Also, we’re psyched to try a new Detroit-style pizza spot in our neighborhood since, as the saying goes, Midwest is best. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

The trailer for Starstruck’s third season looks great.

Found my fall uniform.

Genuine connection is ease. “It is peace. When you find it you will know. You will feel seen, you will feel like you are being mirrored back to yourself, like you are discovering the shadow of your own heart in another human being.”

Do or don’t: dinner and salad on the same plate.

Would you want someone to tell you if your fly were down?

The whiteness of Alabama Rush. “For all that the sorority sisters talk about bonding and lifelong friends, the power of these sororities is not sisterhood. It’s the brotherhood that desires it.” (NYTimes gift link)

Very into these comfy ballet loafers.

Omg I cannot look directly at this photo of Paul Mescal.

How cool is this Double Dutch Club for women over 40? “It’s hard to explain if you’re not in it. But once you see it, you will be able to understand and feel the love that we have for one another.” (NYTimes gift link)

My favorite hot air brush is on sale.

Ooooh, a guest bedroom with three twin beds.

This post about actor Skyler Gisondo made me laugh. “If he was a waiter at a restaurant and a customer brought their baby in he would totally put the check in front of the baby at the end of the meal.”

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Kai on do you hang photos of friends in your home: “Relatedly, here’s a somewhat transgressive thing I decided to do some years ago: I hung a picture of *myself* on my wall!!! Shocking, I know. It’s a picture that a friend took in college, and the shot is so cool that it felt like a shame to hide it away. So, I decided, to hell with it, and I framed and put it up.”

Says Tracey on what was your most embarrassing moment: “I hired a dishwasher repairman to come to the house. My dog, Graham, was obsessed with people and kept breaking out of my home office. ‘GRRRRR, Graham!’ I’d shout. The repairman would stand up and ask, ‘Did you say something?’ ‘No, sorry, it’s fine.’ After giving the same command four times, the dog did it again, and I called into the kitchen space, ‘Oh, for f*cks sake, Graham, will you just sit down and be a good boy.’ The man says ‘Sorry, what???!’” I assumed I shouldn’t have cussed, but then I zeroed in on his badge. In my stupor, I didn’t have the capacity to explain that he shared a name with my dog. I murmured sorry, as my brain played a slow, painful montage of the past five minutes. Then I silently took my dog and closed the door.”

Says Julie: “When I was about eight years old, my parents, siblings and I spent a weekend at a beach house with family friends. They had a 13-year-old son, who I had a massive crush on. One night I had a dream that I walked out of my bedroom and into the bathroom and, you know, peed. In the toilet, WHERE IT BELONGS. I even remember the fancy seashell shaped soap on top of the tank! As I walked back through the living room, both sets of parents were staring at me. Weird, my dream-self thought. In the morning, I went into the kitchen to get cereal where my mom was waiting. ‘Do you remember last night?’ ‘…No?’ She proceeded to tell me that I had sleepwalked through the living room, into the son’s room, and before anyone knew what was happening, sat on him and urinated. I. Sleep. Peed. On. My. Crush. I never sleepwalked again.”

(Photo by Helene Cyr/Stocksy.)

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