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I woke up depressed this morning. I almost ordered pizza yesterday. 🫣 I’m not okay, but I’m doing pretty great. Truly, everything is fine. But I want to BE more. I want to do better. I want to DO more. I am hopeful and positive (mostly) but… I want to hope more, too. Because some days hope and happiness seem way more distant, and I feel way too tired to make that reach. 👎

Oof, sorry for the downer of an opening. I had to stop myself ✋ and go watch my own video about Motivation vs Commitment and reset my mindset! I really liked this part from that post:

I’m doing the things, and staying focused on the highest priorities, one thing at a time, one day at a time. That’s not about motivation. Like I said in the video, it’s about wanting to be the happiest healthiest version of myself, every day, no matter the situation or circumstances – and staying focused on the results, instead of the choices & tasks. 🎯

I didn’t cave to cravings yesterday, by the way. I realized that wasn’t going to make me feel any better (at all) and that’s exactly what I’m focused on: feeling better. So I ate a frozen meal I had on hand: chicken & vegetables. 😉

Well talk on that more in a second (goals, motivation, staying on track) but first: a quick update and photo tour of my low carb life since my last note – which is here if you missed it and want to catch up: 7 Pound Drop ⬇️ Low Carb Food Diary

I went to a FUN concert – and survived (lol), then crashed, had a great appt with my doctor, crashed again (lol), and mixed up my meals a little the last couple of weeks…

My Low Carb Week : Photo Tour

I’ve been mostly eating the same meals as my last update, with a few delicious exceptions – like salmon, ribs, brisket etc. 😋 And I ran out of my usual morning protein bars, so I tried a new one while I was waiting on my order.

These: Salted Peanut Butter Keto Krisp Bars. OM-YUM! Those are amazing!! 😍

CanDo Keto Krisp Protein Bars
I scored us a GREAT discount too! Use code LOWCARBTRAVELER for 20% off. 🥜

I got both of my orders from the Perfect Keto sale last week. 📦😊

I got 3 boxes of my favorite Almond Butter Brownie protein bars, and unflavored collagen x3 + the free snack bars (coconut chocolate chip). 🍫🥥 ☕️ I also ordered the Blueberry SuperReds x3. 🫐 I’m all stocked up again now. 💯❣️ Did you get anything from that sale?

Perfect Keto Favorites
If you ever need a Perfect Keto discount code, use LYNN20 to get 20% off

I also ordered those other blackberry almond butter bars I wanted. 😉🙌

I had a pretty rough few days last week after my last note. That happens if I try to do too much. I didn’t think I overdid it, but too much of anything knocks me back down. I’m still trying to figure out the “pacing” thing now that I’m feeling a little better. But I did manage to get out one day and enjoy some sunshine and cold therapy at the river near my house. 🌞💦👣

Fortunately I perked back up just in time to enjoy a fun outdoor concert on Sunday evening. Perfect timing! The Caverns up in Pelham, TN is an amazing venue with gorgeous views – and my FAVORITE band was playing. 🙌 🕺

The Caverns in Pelham TN

The photos really don’t do it justice. I’ll try to share some videos on Facebook and Instagram this weekend. 😉 It was COLD but I managed to do the 1/4 mile walk in (with a decent incline), enjoy the show, and do the 1/4 walk back out. That made me SO happy!! 🥰

I woke up with all kinds of joint and nerve pain Monday morning, and felt stiff and achy all day, then had a few days of serious fatigue and symptom flare-ups – but finally started perking back up yesterday. So my crashes are MUCH shorter and WAY less severe now.

That’s GREAT progress. 🙌

Last week I had a friend over (yes: finally!!) and we ordered dinner from Applebee’s. Their carside-to-go option is so convenient for a quick low carb meal! I ordered grilled salmon with steamed broccoli – keeping it simple. 🥦 The other meal is Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp with broccoli:

Low Carb Meals at Applebees To Go

This week I got take-out from a local BBQ place:

Ribs, brisket & pulled pork trio. 😋

Keto Meals BBQ Meats

Otherwise I had my protein bars, and the other bars, my usual collagen coffee in the mornings, plus most days I stuck to my ham & egg scramble as the main meal for the day:

Keto Breakfast Scramble

I’m still only eating about one meal a day. The BBQ I just picked at and enjoyed what I wanted, then had more the next day. The Applebee’s meal I ate maybe half of that plate. The 3-egg scramble suits me best lately, so that’s been my go-to meal for the last few weeks.

Yesterday I had a protein bar around mid morning, then an Atkins chicken & broccoli bowl (microwave meal) for dinner. I didn’t have much of an appetite, so that satisfied me – and I got in some protein & vegetables. 😉

I’m happy to be eating more (most days), and to be able to get out at least once a week lately!

I feel very fortunate to live in middle Tennessee where there are so many rivers and waterfalls, and gorgeous outdoor areas to enjoy. This is a favorite spot of mine that’s within a mile of my house, so it’s easy for me to get to for hot sunshine and cold water. 🥰

Such a great little “nature therapy” break!

Floating the River

I had my collagen coffee this morning as usual ☕️ and a protein bar 🍫 plus a fun video chat with a new friend in London – and now I’m enjoying my coconut water with the Blueberry Super Reds antioxidants. 🫐 I love those mixed together!

I only have 2 eggs left 😳 lol, so I’m thinking I’ll make my easy egg wrap (aka Skillet Chaffle) and stuff it with ham & dill pickle – or maybe chicken salad. The egg wraps are super easy to make – just butter, egg & shredded mozzarella. I have a video walk-through here:

For one Skillet Chaffle (wrap):
🧈 1/2 tbsp of butter
🥚 1/2 an egg
🧀 1/2 cup (56 grams) of shredded mozzarella
Double for two ✌
Optional add-ins: 🍅 🥓 🧅 or whatever rocks your socks!

Here’s one I made (with roasted cherry tomatoes added) to use for a fajita wrap:

Keto Fajita Wrap


I feel better now. Thank you!

It was a nice distraction to sit down and share my updates with you. I’m feeling upbeat, perked up, and ready to tackle my day now! Which will definitely include a nap 🙃 but at least I’m smiling and got over that weird morning mood. 👀

Feelings are fickle. I’ve been waking up with an odd sadness most mornings the last few weeks. Misplaced really, because I am very grateful my health is improving, I’m doing so much better lately – and able to do more, and truly just grateful for my lifestyle in general: all of it. 💝

Also, that antioxidant / electrolyte drink might have helped a little. 😉

I’ve noticed those really perk me up! 💥

Moods & Foods ‘n Stuff…

I mentioned I almost ordered a pizza yesterday. It was more like a whole buffet off the menu – lol. Moods and Foods DO NOT go together. I realized it was for what it was: self-destructive behavior, ie self sabotage. I could hear myself thinking “who cares” or “what does it even matter” and all kinds of random rationalizations like that. Then I caught myself and said:



I want to feel my BEST, not feel worse. 💁‍♀️

I knew that if I ate junk food, not only would I feel worse physically (blech!)… it would just feed my mood (too). I would feel worse about myself, feel discouraged or disappointed, adding regrets on top of all the other emotions running through me.

No thanks! 🚫‼️

I put my phone down (a dangerous object when you’re moody, ha!) and heated up that chicken & broccoli meal. ✅ Then this morning, this image crossed my screen:

Love Your Life

If you’re in the private facebook group, we’re talking GOALS here:

What do you feel it would take to LOVE your life (and yourself!) today, to be TRULY HAPPY right now? 🥰 And… how could you make that even better going forward?

What changes would you like to make?

Let’s talk goals! 🎯❣️✅

I look forward to hearing how your week is going, and I’d love to hear what you have planned for the weekend. I’m staying in to rest up, and catch up on a little work, so I can get out to another waterfall early next week for cold therapy and a nature break. 💚

And I think I’ll make that egg wrap…

Stay tuned and I’ll share pictures in my next post. 😉 I’ve also had some GREAT conversations about staying on track, and getting BACK on track around the web this week, so we’ll discuss that more too – if you could use some inspiration & motivation…

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. The Almond Butter Brownie protein bars I like are 30% off on this page when you get 3+ so that’s what I do since I’m using them daily still. For anything else, code LYNN20 will always get you 20% off at Perfect Keto.

p.p.s. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve switched it up and used any other bars, or found ANY other bars that I loved as much – that also hold me over like a true meal replacement. But I was really impressed with the CanDo Keto Krisp Bars I tried last week, so I ended up ordering more. Then I wrote to them and requested a special 20% off discount code for us like I mentioned, in case you want to try them too. 😉 * That code is: LOWCARBTRAVELER

What I really LOVE is their slogan:


That hits me so perfect with where I am in my life and in my recovery right now! 💯❣️

Focus on what you CAN do

Check out their story & mission:
CAN DO Keto Krisp Bars
* use discount code LOWCARBTRAVELER for 20% off 🥜

They’re amazing!!! 😉 xo

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