only murders in the building season 3

only murders in the building season 3

Are you watching season three of Only Murders in the Building? Paul Rudd and Meryl Streep have joined the star-studded cast. I’m currently hallucinating with jetlag but can’t wait to watch tomorrow night.

Jessie Randall

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with my friend Jessie and she was wearing this gorgeous pair of necklaces. I love when a necklace transforms a white T-shirt and jeans. (This simple chain is pretty too.)

Actor/writer Wildlin Pierrevil shared the idea of a museum date, but instead of awkwardly walking around trying to think of something smart to say (“the colors go well”), you split up for 30 minutes, each find two pieces you love, then rendezvous to reveal your choices. Fun, right?

smitten kitchen blueberry muffins

Lastly, this weekend, I’m having friends over for a brunch potluck, but I’m not the most reliable cook. Do you have any recommendations for something delicious and very easy? Our associate editor Jannelle loves marble banana bread (“Every bite is filled with banana, cinnamon and chocolate,” she says), and blueberry muffins could be good, too. Please help!

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