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busted ceramics olive plate

We serve green olives whenever people come over (the big meaty ones) but the catch is, no one knows where to put their pits and ends up awkwardly holding them. This dish would save the day and look great on the table. Available here, here, and on sale here.

Country of the Blind

“I’m going blind as I write this” is the gripping opening line of the new memoir Country of the Blind. Andrew Leland writes about slowly losing his eyesight with curiosity and depth. Right now he sees a wobbly bit in the center, plus two strips of peripheral vision, but it’s always changing: “I bump into furniture in my house that hasn’t moved in years. I’ll put a cup down for a moment and it disappears.” The book is fascinating and full of history and culture and of course personal stories, and I am tearing through it.

eating out strategy Grub Street

When sticking to a budget, says Grub Street, “eat something filling at home (or grab a few slices of pizza), then make an easier-to-get late reservation at the bar for drinks and dessert.” Bonus: Sitting at the bar feels so sexy and intimate, like you’re a regular, don’t you think?

One thing I loved about parenting young kids was getting to choose their clothes. Nothing’s cuter than toddlers in mini sweaters, short shorts, and the teeniest tiniest socks. Recently, our partnerships director Maureen gave us a pro tip about the everyday drawstring pants from San Francisco-based children’s shop Oso & Me. “These pants are so soft,” she told us. “My daughter’s skin is sensitive, but these are breathable and durable. They’re always first in and out of the laundry, and I love how they’ll grow with her because of the drawcord waist and cuffable hems.” This striped shirt looks perfect for park trips — and eeeeep their corduroys!

P.S. More fun things, and three strategic starters at a dinner party.

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