Cottagecore Fashion For Men – Formal Attire Meets Country Style?


Gentlemen, let’s get straight into it. When you hear the word “cottagecore,” you might be picturing a serene pastoral scene, a woman in a flowy dress, and a picturesque countryside.

But what if I told you that cottagecore has a place in men’s fashion as well, marrying the essence of country attire with elements of formal style?

It’s simpler than you think. Let’s get to it.

Understanding Cottagecore

Man in Cottagecore clothing

Before we dive into the nuances of cottagecore for men, let’s understand its essence. Cottagecore is a cultural movement and aesthetic that celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts, emphasizing simplicity, harmony with nature, and the joys of rural life.

Now, the big question: “Antonio, why should I, as a man, even consider cottagecore?” The answer is simple – it’s about embracing authenticity and simplicity while still looking sharp. Think of it as taking a break from the loud, fast-paced urban styles and connecting with timeless, rustic elegance.

The Foundation: Material Matters


The key to nailing cottagecore is to start with the right materials. Think natural, breathable, and sustainable:

  • Linen: Ideal for shirts and trousers, linen is breathable and has a casual yet refined texture.
  • Tweed: For jackets and waistcoats, tweed brings the ruggedness of the countryside.
  • Cotton: Opt for organic, softer cotton for shirts or even casual suits.
  • Wool: Perfect for colder seasons, woolen sweaters and cardigans are quintessential.

The Color Palette: Nature’s Best

Black man wearing Cottagecore

Cottagecore draws its inspiration from nature, which means its palette is vast and varied. Think of earthy tones first and foremost: rich greens reminiscent of forest canopies, browns echoing the bark of ancient trees, beiges that mirror the sand, and soft blues evoking clear skies.

Don’t stop there! Why not break the mould and dive deeper into shades that often go overlooked:

  • Muted Maroons: Think of autumn leaves or berries.
  • Soft Grays: Resembling the overcast skies of a rainy countryside morning.
  • Pastel shades: Gentle lavenders, creams, and light yellows can bring in a touch of spring freshness to your ensemble.

Remember, these colors can be incorporated in gradients, layers, or through accessories to complement the primary earthy tones, creating an ensemble that breathes life.

Essential Pieces for Cottagecore

Man in jacket and green turtleneck
  • Tweed Jackets: A tweed jacket is the perfect intersection of formal and country. Choose one in a herringbone or check pattern.
  • Suspenders: Instead of belts, consider suspenders. They’re functional, vintage, and add a dash of charm.
  • Soft Collared Shirts: Go for shirts with soft collars, possibly even band collars. Linen and soft cotton are perfect materials.
  • High-waisted Trousers: These are reminiscent of old-world charm. Pair them with a tucked-in shirt and suspenders.
  • Vests: A wool or tweed vest can add layers to your outfit, making it both stylish and functional.
  • Boots: Think leather or suede Chelsea boots or brogues. They’re versatile and rooted in tradition.
  • Hats: Flat caps, newsboy caps, or even wide-brimmed straw hats for summer. They add character to your ensemble.

Patterns and Accessories

Retro hat man

Patterns in the cottagecore aesthetic are not just fashion statements, they are echoes of a bygone era.

  • Plaids and Checks: Whether it’s a classic gingham or a more intricate windowpane, these patterns exude a rustic charm. Tweed jackets or vests in such patterns can be an excellent addition.
  • Floral: Subtle floral patterns, especially on ties or pocket squares, can provide a unique twist to the aesthetic, blending the formal with the pastoral.
  • Stripes: While stripes are universal, in cottagecore, think more of muted, uneven stripes that resemble handwoven fabrics.

In the world of accessories, vintage is the keyword. Here are some treasures to look for:

  • Pocket Watches: A nod to yesteryears, they’re not just functional but a piece of art.
  • Leather-Bound Notebooks: Carry one to jot down thoughts; it’s old-world charm at its best.
  • Boutonniere with Wildflowers: A fresh, personal touch that connects you directly with nature. Choose seasonal wildflowers for authenticity.
  • Brogue Belts: These detailed leather belts, paired with suspenders, can elevate the look instantly.
  • Vintage Rings: Think family heirlooms or pieces that tell a story. They add character without overwhelming the look.

Making It Modern – Outfit Ideas

Man in linen shirt in field

Incorporating cottagecore into your style doesn’t mean sacrificing contemporary flair. Here’s how to effortlessly blend the old-world charm of Cottagecore with modern elements:

  1. Casual Day Out:
    • Top: A soft-collared, muted pastel linen shirt.
    • Bottom: High-waisted trousers in beige or soft gray.
    • Accessories: Pair with a leather braided belt and a simple, modern leather-strap watch.
    • Footwear: Modern white sneakers to add a touch of urban chic.
  2. Office Ready:
    • Top: Crisp white shirt layered under a tweed vest.
    • Bottom: Dark navy chinos or trousers.
    • Accessories: A slim leather briefcase and a minimalist tie with a subtle floral pattern.
    • Footwear: Brown leather brogues or loafers.
  3. Evening Chill:
    • Top: Slim-fit turtleneck in a shade like muted maroon or forest green.
    • Bottom: Earth-toned, straight-cut jeans.
    • Outerwear: Throw on a herringbone or check-patterned tweed jacket.
    • Footwear: Suede Chelsea boots in brown or olive.
  4. Weekend Getaway:
    • Top: Striped, handwoven-looking long-sleeve tee.
    • Bottom: Rolled up, relaxed-fit linen pants.
    • Accessories: Vintage rings and a wide-brimmed straw hat for summer sun protection.
    • Footwear: Modern sandals or espadrilles.
  5. Special Occasions:
    • Top: Soft-colored dress shirt paired with a wool or tweed vest.
    • Bottom: Tailored trousers in a deeper shade, such as charcoal or deep green.
    • Accessories: A pocket watch, boutonniere with seasonal wildflowers, and a vintage-inspired tie.
    • Footwear: Polished leather dress shoes or monk straps.

The key to modernizing cottagecore is balance. By intermixing current trends with traditional elements, you create a look that’s timeless, yet completely in the moment. Remember, style is a reflection of personality – blend the aesthetics in a way that feels right for you.

Embrace the tranquility and simplicity of cottagecore, and let it seamlessly coexist with your contemporary outfits.

Embrace Craftsmanship

Man crafting leather

Cottagecore is not just about clothing; it’s about an appreciation for craftsmanship. Whether it’s a hand-knitted sweater or leather boots crafted by local artisans, the essence is in the details and the story behind each piece.

Cottagecore for men is not about abandoning your current style, but enriching it. It’s an invitation to integrate timeless pieces, celebrate craftsmanship, and embrace nature, all while looking impeccable.

And always remember, gentlemen, it’s not just about the clothes but the man wearing them. Embrace cottagecore with confidence and authenticity. After all, style is, at its core, a reflection of who you are.

Cottagecore Style For Men

What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a cultural movement and aesthetic that emphasizes a return to traditional skills and crafts. It highlights simplicity, harmony with nature, and the joys of rural life.

Is cottagecore only for women?

Absolutely not! While it might have been popularized with images of women in flowy dresses, cottagecore has a place in men’s fashion too, seamlessly blending elements of formal style with country attire.

What materials are essential to the cottagecore aesthetic for men?

Natural, breathable, and sustainable materials are at the heart of cottagecore. This includes linen, tweed, soft cotton, and wool.

Which colors best represent the cottagecore palette?

The palette draws heavily from nature, featuring earthy tones such as greens, browns, beiges, soft blues, muted maroons, and pastel shades like lavender and light yellow.

Are patterns important in cottagecore style for men?

Yes, patterns like plaids, checks, and subtle florals are crucial in the cottagecore aesthetic. They echo the rustic charm and traditional feel of the countryside.

Can cottagecore be considered formal wear?

While inherently more casual and rustic, elements of cottagecore can be incorporated into formal wear. Tweed jackets, high-waisted trousers, and vests are all pieces that can be integrated into more formal settings.

How can I modernize my cottagecore look?

To modernize cottagecore, mix traditional pieces with contemporary elements. Pair a tweed jacket with a crisp white shirt or high-waisted trousers with a slim-fit turtleneck.


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