Can A Man Wear Women’s Clothing? 7 Items For Women That MEN Can Use


womens clothes for men

Yeah – you read that right…

Can men wear women’s clothing?

Now before you jump to conclusions…

Hear me out.

No – I’m not talking about cross dressing.

I’m talking about pieces designed for women…

that can actually look great on men too…

AND are functional.

Wearing what the ladies wear often…

…does NOT always mean cross-dressing.

Some things are unisex (or have a men’s equivalent)…

So take note of these 7 women’s items that MEN CAN WEAR (which you may want to use yourself).

#1 Can Men Wear A Woman’s Purse?

guy wearing woman's purse

Purses are small bags – and bags store the things you want to bring wherever you go. So when it comes down to it – shouldn’t men be free to wear those kinds of bags too?

Yes – and that’s why some companies out there make “man bags” as counterparts to the purse. A lot of them are satchels and messenger bags – which history shows were originally used by men who worked as bicycle messengers. Today we can all agree that these bags come in handy for laptops and books.

If you pick the right leather luggage – you’ll end up looking more masculine, not feminine. There’s something very attractive about a man with a leather bag slung over one shoulder – showing off “busyness” (going somewhere) and style at the same time.

But keep in mind that messenger bags are only good for cafes and casual environments. You wouldn’t want to take them to interviews or meetings – briefcases are the better choice.

#2 Can Men Wear Heels?

man wearing woman's high heel shoes

If we’re talking about heels as in high heels – it’s a plain NO. Not only are those shoes a big part of society’s gender differences – but they’re frickin’ hard to walk in! I think we’re lucky that we’re not meant to use them.

But if we’re talking about certain shoes with heels – that’s another story. Heels actually work well on boots. They add extra height to your stature and in general, larger boots accentuate masculinity.

You can imagine how a guy catches more attention wearing stylish boots with heels – especially when other men are in flats. So whenever it’s cold or rainy outside (even slightly) – that’s the time for a taller and more rugged look.

#3 Can Men Wear Women’s Flip Flops?

Man Wearing Women's Flip Flops

Before we get into this, let’s clarify what flips flops are: a kind of slip-on footwear (made of rubber or plastic) with a V-like strip that keeps the toes together. And although they function similarly to sandals – they’re completely different.

So I recommend that you only use flip flops at home or at the beach. While they don’t necessarily make you look feminine, sandals are the better choice overall. Sandals allow you to stay stylish during the summer – while flip flops are a little too dressed down.

You should have a good pair of sandals as part of your warm weather essentials. Don’t insist on wearing the same dress shoes for work when you’re strolling around during a sunny weekend (unless the occasion calls for it). And most importantly – do NOT wear socks with your sandals.

#4 Can Men Wear Makeup?

a young guy with makeup on his face

Here’s the reality – makeup was never exclusively for women.

There have been accounts of men throughout history who wore it as a cultural practice. The Romans around 100 AD would use butter and barley flour to cover up pimples. In fact, their grooming ways expanded to dying the hair regularly – and men had their hair dyed blond as a way of looking younger. There’s also evidence that the Vikings wore eye makeup back in 950 AD.

So if we’re talking about minimal makeup – men have a legitimate reason to use it. We see so many manly guys on TV, film and magazines these days – who always look photogenic. But faces like those aren’t 100% natural. They’re all a bit touched up.

There’s this young man who offers makeup tips on YouTube for guys with bad skin. He started back at the age of 19 – experimenting with makeup while he suffered from a severe acne condition. He says those who subscribe to his channel share a common goal – not to alter their looks but just “enhance and cover areas of their skin that drain their confidence.”

Nail Polish

Nail polish is like makeup for fingernails – but it does more than just decorate them. Some men use clear nail polish to strengthen their nails which easily get cracks. And there are other types which help break the habit of biting your nails. They leave a bitter (but harmless) taste when you bite your nails or suck your thumb.

#5 Can Men Wear Women’s Coats?

man wearing female coat

We see lots of female models and fashionistas wearing long jackets or coats. But if we look back in time, men have worn those types of layering for ages.

The trench coat is a good example. This knee-length, water-resistant raincoat was originally made for soldiers during World War I. It offered protection and storage for weapons as they battled out the enemy from under the trenches. It later became part of the iconic looks of Inspector Clouseau (The Pink Panther) and Rick Blaine (Casablanca).

So you CAN make any trench coat part of your style. That includes those that were specifically designed for women – and the differences aren’t super obvious (such as buttons or patches on the opposite side).

Your focus should be on how to buy the right type of coat – taking your height into account. For instance: taller men can wear knee-length coats, but they should avoid short ones. And shorter men won’t look as good in long or knee-length trench coats.

But remember that full-length trench coats are no-go items for all men. It doesn’t matter how masculine they look. Men who wear them are unfortunately viewed as strange, negative or involved in goth culture.

#6 Can Men Wear Women’s Scarves?

man wearing women's scarf

Some guys are hesitant to wear scarves because they’re soft. But if you live somewhere in the world where the temperature can go below 40 degrees, what’s better for your neck than a scarf?

A towel? Clearly not.

how to tie a men's scarf

Scarves are soft because they’re supposed to keep your neck warm and comfortable. You don’t want to choke yourself with a heavier fabric or material. People in cold climates need scarves to avoid hypothermia.

It was just about a century ago when cockpits on planes were a standard – so pilots wore silk scarves while flying to prevent chafing. And for thousands of years, scarves were also used to differentiate soldiers in the military – indicating your battalions and regiments, your duties in combat, etc.

But what about women’s scarves? The truth is it’s okay for men to wear them. They vary in length or height (unlike men’s scarves which are normally 60-80 inches long and 6 inches in height) – which is why women love them. You might even try on a woman’s scarf and realize it matches your outfit better.

Still, it helps to learn different manly ways to tie a scarf. Certain knots are considered more masculine than others. And if you want a more formal look, you can try an ascot tie. This style goes really well with a morning coat. You’ll need a length of at least 50 inches plus a bulkier kind of fabric.

#7 Can Men Wear Women’s Sunglasses?

man wearing sunglasses

Last on our list – and perhaps the least debatable – are sunglasses. Let’s not forget why we should have our own pair. They shield our eyes from harmful UV rays, dirt and debris (especially when you’re active or riding a motorbike), and reduce eyestrain when we’re outdoors.

Men can wear women’s sunglasses because the differences are slight. They’re usually just smaller frames or lenses – which may be a better option for guys who have smaller heads.

The real task is finding out which shades best match your face shape and highlight your personality. Do you see yourself a bit like Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs… or the badass Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

If you can find the perfect sunglasses that suit your face well – you’ll get to pull off an amazing look.

types of sunglasses for each face shape

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