7 Men’s Hairstyles That Women LOVE


We’ve talked a lot about men’s hairstyles at Real Men Real Style. Nevertheless, it’s always good to have a refresher – especially when it comes to what the ladies like.

In this article, we give you the top 7 men’s hairstyles women love.

Let’s start with number 7…

Attractive Men’s Hairstyle 7. The Fade

As seen on – Charlie Hunnam

The fade features a taper that comes within an inch or so of the hairline.

The barber cuts the hair on the sides until there’s little or no more left on the skin. Otherwise, guys can be as creative as they like when it comes to this style.

The fade is also versatile – you can implement it for a plethora of other styles. It really drives home that effortless but deliberate look. You don’t have to try hard to look amazing.

The Fade Haircut

Attractive Men’s Hairstyle 6. The Classic Quiff

As seen on – David Beckham

There’s a lot of debate as to whether the quiff differs from the pompadour (discussed below). The answer is simple: yes.

The quiff tends to be far more subdued than its more rambunctious equivalents. It functions with longer hair on top with the sides and back cut short (perhaps a fade?).

quiff hairstyle for shorter guys

To get the volume you need, you’ll have to blow-dry your hair with a round brush, then finish off with some quality hair styling product to keep it from going all over the place. It’s the perfect complement for gentlemen with naturally wavy and curly hair.

Attractive Men’s Hairstyle 5. The Buzz Cut

As seen on – Drake

We’re taking a detour to a more rugged men’s hairstyle. The buzz cut is hailed as a symbol of military heritage and heroism – and has been for centuries. In fact, 4th-century Roman emperors sported a style resembling it to drive that message home.

It still applies today.

The buzz cut is the most low-maintenance men’s hairstyle on the list. It relies on a short length all over the head. A 2 on the sides and a 5 on the top work well, but a 1 all-around does the job too.

It’s perfect for men who’d rather just wake up and skip the hair routine altogether.

Attractive Men’s Hairstyle 4. The Side Part

As seen on – Justin Timberlake

The side part is synonymous with the businessman’s aesthetic. Don’t believe me? Just watch Mad Men.

Your barber should leave the top a little longer – 2 inches max – while keeping the sides tapered. Side parts can epitomize elegance using some pomade, but can also be more laissez-faire by using your fingers to keep it in place.

Side Part Hairstyle

The attraction with this men’s haircut lies with the power it exudes. It’s intimately associated with business, and business means money.

Attractive Men’s Hairstyle 3. The Undercut

As seen on – Brad Pitt

You’ll find the undercut on plenty of sites discussing men’s haircuts. What started as a common style in the 1920s made a comeback, and it’s taken the world by storm.

The undercut is great for appealing to your dapper side. You get it but cutting your sides down to a 2, 1, or shaved clean. The top of your head stays long, at about 2-4 inches in length.

Undercut haircut

This cut is great if you’re proud of your angles – it accentuates the angles on your face and makes you look more masculine.

Peaky Blinders is a great reference point!

Attractive Men’s Hairstyle 2. The Crew Cut

As seen on – Zac Efron

The “Ivy League cut” holds true to its cognomen. It really gives off an aristocratic vibe while keeping itself low maintenance.

You can achieve it by keeping the sides and back tight while keeping the top a little longer. Not terribly long, though – think between the buzz cut and undercut as far as length.

crew cut

Styling is up to you. Gentlemen such as Anderson Cooper keep it combed to the side, while Matt Damon’s been seen with a more ruffled look up top.

And now, the number 1 spot belongs to…

Attractive Men’s Hairstyle 1. Bed Head

mens hairstyles bed head
As seen on – Jamie Dornan (aka Christian Grey)

Yes, messy bed head. I was surprised too until I read a survey that sampled 319 Americans. 72% from both genders found bed head to be the single most attractive men’s hairstyle.

The numbers don’t lie.

We’re not talking literally ignoring your hair after waking up, but we are talking about leaving it a little messy. Once you wash your hair, give it a few sea salt sprays and ruffle it a bit with your hands.

It just screams “I didn’t even try – I look this good out of bed.”

Summary – Men’s Hairstyles Women Love

Were you shocked by my number 1 pick? Come on, you know I’m all about facts and numbers. All these cuts are guaranteed to help you draw the attention you want – experiment, and choose which suits you best.

Keeping up with hairstyles is important, but it’s only a small part of a man’s style. Click here to discover the style tips I recommend to keep those youthful good looks for longer.

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