5 Style Tips For Thin Body Type


skinny guy dressed nicely walking the park

Skinny men,

I hear your cry.

It’s hard to gain weight.

People always ask if you’re hungry.

You’re always having your athletic abilities questioned.

It’s. not. fair. 

Putting on muscle takes forever… it seems.

Is it possible to put on mass with style?

Well…yes to an extent.

Nothing can actually change your physical body type.

But with a little bit of knowledge and style tricks, you can make that slim physique appear a tad more muscular.

This article is going to lay out 6 actionable steps to incorporate into your wardrobe now that can help add some mass appeal to how you dress.

1. Choose Clothes That Are Perfect For Your Body Type

jean style infographic

The clothes that you wear do create an optical illusion or visual effect. How you wear your outfit will either make a good lasting impression or not.

Many skinny guys make the mistake of wearing oversized clothes. They think that wearing clothes that are a couple sizes bigger will make up for their small frame. They don’t realize that their slender physique is further emphasized, making them more scrawny.

The same can be said when wearing dress sizes that are body-hugging. This is one common fashion “dont’s” that many guys fall into. Tight clothing tends to highlight more of their thin built and stature, by tapering too close, almost wrapping itself around the body.

Clearly, anything that is too much is bad. Moderation is the key. That is, not too large and not too tight-fitting, just the right size.

So What Then Is The Ideal Fit For A Skinny Guy?

ideal fit for a skinny guy

First of all, super skinny jeans won’t help. It accentuates the skinny nature. Relaxed jeans are the other end of the spectrum. Much too baggy.  Avoid them at all cost.

As an alternative, the regular skinny or slim straight cut is highly recommended. Choose a color that is a classic dark or light wash.

In looking for the right shirt, the shoulder seam should be aligned with the shoulder joint edge. If the shoulder seam goes either beyond or behind that mark, this will make your arms look either too long or too short, respectively.

As for the sleeves, a little room allowance is needed. Large sleeves give a baggy impression while body-tight ones further heighten the slim arm frame.

When wearing personal accessories such as wrist watches, bags, scarves, eyeglasses and ties, don’t ruin the entire look by wearing something burly. Make sure that they are aesthetically compatible to your body type and overall appearance.

2. Blazers, Sport Coats, And Suit Jackets Are Best Buddies For A Skinny Guy

Infographic - The Blazer Jacket

Give your arms, shoulders, chest and back a big instant boost by wearing a full cut suit jacket. It’s made to accentuate the aesthetic appearance of the male physique.

Blazers and sports coats can add more structure as well with padded shoulders. Light shoulder padding complements well with these types of coats by giving your shoulders a slightly hefty look.

Clean-lined coats, double-breasted suits or a dual-button single-breasted coat with flap pockets are commonly used and highly preferred for a more bulky appeal.

3. Put On Enough Layers For A Big Lift

Put On Layers For A Big Lift not to look skinny

Piling up on several layers of clothes is another technique that works well because the middle torso and shoulders are given special emphasis.

To pull this trick off, start with something thin and light as the base layer and then start to add up something that’s a little thicker and robust on top of it.

Be careful not to overdo this technique, as too much of it will counteract the desired appearance that you are looking for.

One key to remember is that the combined layers should blend well as a whole, and look harmoniously together. Some guys are gifted when it comes to mixing and matching and others are not.

As a guide for those having a hard time trying to make the best outfit mix, just stick to one color group at a time and complement it with anything that blends well on all color types or something that’s all around neutral.

4. Search For Size-Enhancing Textiles

Size-Enhancing Textiles for skinny guys

To look bigger, the type of material, texture and thickness are everything.

Use fabrics such as:

  • Denim
  • Flannel
  • Corduroy
  • Tweed

These exude a coarser and knobbly look, which are all perfect in creating a sizable, chunky appearance.

However, when looking for these fabrics, make sure that their thickness is not overdone.

5. Augment Your Neck With A Collar

Augment Skinny Guy Neck With A Collar

As a skinny guy crewnecks will be your best friend.  Sturdy necklines signal strength and power.

To add on to that, put on garments with strong and firm collar.  It can be anything from:

  • Button up shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Funnel necks
  • Collared sweaters
  • Crew neck sweaters
  • Shawl necks
  • Zip necks
  • Turtlenecks

These collared apparels are perfect for offsetting or masking your slim neckline width.

Bonus Tip:  Play With Color And Pattern

fabric patterns infographics

It is all about sight perception when it comes to fashion, including men’s.

Style patterns and colors play a knack on every observer’s visual brain cortex. Every skinny gentleman should use this natural human tendency to their full advantage.

Remember these few tricks of the trade:

  • Horizontal lines, rather than vertical, bring more depth and tone to your upper body especially the pecs, deltoids, and lats.
  • Checkered patterns look cool and smart. Smaller patterns are more suitable such as tartan, check, and gingham.
  • Put aside your dark colors, due to its trimming effect, and settle for lighter ones instead.
  • Brag your body contour with pastels, white, beige, and cream.


Being skinny isn’t bad after all.

All it takes is some little research and guidance.

Gone are the insecurities and body image issues, and transform yourself into a stalwart, hunky fashionista whatever the situation calls for, anytime, anywhere.

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