5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Shave His Head


Jeff Bezos.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Michael Jordan.

And every single guy in Marine Corps boot camp.

What do they have in common?

Bald heads.

man with shaved head

Men’s reasons for shaving their heads range from hiding hair loss to religious devotion to uniform regulations. But there are a few reasons why every guy should at least consider trying it out.

  1. Association
  2. Boldness
  3. Deeper Psychology
  4. Chance For Reinvention
  5. Facial Hair
  6. Bonus: Maturity

Ihsaan Ali of The StyleJumper knows a thing or two about rocking the shaved head. If you’re wondering whether to shave your head – you’ll want to hear what he has to say.

Shaved Head Reason 1. Association

man shaving head mental association

The boot camp buzz cut helps recruits feel like part of the team and shift from viewing themselves as nervous civilians to viewing themselves as skilled warriors.

The intimidating precision of Michael Jordan’s shaved head felt like an extension of his prowess on the basketball court – and sparked a boost in the look’s popularity.

When you shave your head you join the ranks of a historic assortment of badasses – Jordan, Jason Statham, Samuel L. Jackson, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart.

The mental associations that creates for you and the people around you will boost your confidence and sense of resilience.

Shaved Head Reason 2. Boldness

ihsaan bald head associated with baldness
Not everyone is going to love Ihsaan’s shaved head. Does he look like he cares?

A shaved head is a bold style statement.

Sure you could go subtle, cover up the spots where your hair is getting thin, frame your face – or you could bare it all, at least from the eyebrows up.

Not everybody is going to love your new look right away. You might raise eyebrows at work. Your mother might have a thing or two to say about it.

But most people will just be reacting to the shock of change – and the willingness to embrace change while others cling to the familiar is exactly what makes bald guys stand out. Even if you’re aging. ESPECIALLY if you’re aging.

Shaved Head Reason 3. Deeper Psychology

shaved head man feels confident

A 2012 study out of the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science found that the weakest hairstyle a man can have is thinning hair on top – and the most powerful is a completely bald head.

The symbolism of shaving your head goes deep. Bald men were rated as being:

  • 13% more dominant
  • 6% more confident
  • 10% more masculine
  • 1 inch taller
  • 13% stronger
  • Nearly 4 years older

Thinning hair can make you feel paranoid about your appearance – you’re constantly worrying about whether people are looking at your spot or whether it’s showing. When you shave your head all of that goes away.

Shaved Head Reason 4. Chance For Reinvention

shaving head is a chance for personal reinvention

As mentioned above, shaving your head is a big change. You are going to look and feel very different. And that’s a good thing.

The first time you look at your bald self in the mirror, you’re going to be looking at a new man.

Any changes you’ve been wanting to make to your wardrobe, your body, or even your lifestyle are going to get an extra boost because you’re making a fresh start.

You’ll be able to introduce things to your wardrobe that you might not have explored (or been able to pull off) with hair.

hat with shaved head
Shave your head and you have the perfect excuse for a great hat.

The most obvious of these is hats – you’ll want to protect your head from sunburn and cold weather, so if you want an excuse to try out different men’s hat styles, this is it.

A bald head tends to draw your attention toward your body. It lends confidence – but also motivates discipline.

Similar to the hat situation – if you’re looking for the right reason to start running or going to the gym, you’ve found it.

Shaved Head Reason 5. Shaved Heads And Facial Hair

shave head and facial hair work well together

A full head of hair acts as a focal point for your face. Know what else can do that job for you? A beard or mustache.

You’ll be saving time cutting and styling your hair, so why not get intentional about your beard? Grow it out and start keeping it groomed and styled.

You can shape the way your face is structured by choosing different types of beards. And the popularity of beards will add to the cool factor of your shaved head.

Shaved Head Reason 6. Bonus: Maturity

shaved head as a sign of male maturity

If your hair is thinning out, shaving represents a conscious decision to say goodbye to it.

Sure, you could fight the clock – and that bald spot – at every turn. But for a lot of guys, it feels more dignified to face the inevitable on their own terms.

Leaving vanity behind and accepting your age is a mature move.

Even if you look older without your hair (and some guys look younger) you’ll come off as classier and more confident than a man who obviously can’t relax about his comb-over.

On top of that, it’s a style that says “I’m not thinking about my hair right now.”

If you’re old enough to go grey or bald, you’ve certainly had a journey to get to where you are.

A bold, simple appearance implies a focus on what really matters: your passions, your family, your inner life.

At the end of the day, you are more than your youthful appearance – and you can let that show.

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FAQs: Reasons Why Every Man Should Shave His Head

Why should a man consider shaving his head?

Shaving one’s head can often signify a fresh start, confidence, and can also save time and money. It’s a style choice that can stand out in a crowd, and some even find it enhances their features.

Can shaving my head improve my confidence?

Yes, many men find that taking the bold step of shaving their head can improve their confidence. It often signifies strength, boldness, and self-assuredness.

Is shaving my head cost-effective?

Absolutely. Shaving your head means no more money spent on haircuts, styling products, or expensive shampoos and conditioners.

Does a shaved head require less maintenance?

Yes. With a shaved head, you don’t need to worry about styling or maintaining your hair. This can save you considerable time in your daily routine.

Can shaving my head make me look younger?

Sometimes, yes. Baldness can often be associated with aging, so if you’re already experiencing hair loss, shaving your head can present a cleaner, younger-looking image.

Will a shaved head highlight my facial features?

Yes, a lack of hair can help to accentuate your facial features, as the focus shifts from your hair to your face.

Is a shaved head considered fashionable?

Absolutely. Shaved heads have become increasingly popular in recent years and are considered a stylish and modern look.

How often should I shave my head for a clean look?

This depends on how quickly your hair grows back, but on average, many men find they need to shave their head every 2-3 days.

Can shaving my head help with hair health?

Shaving your head removes damaged hair and gives your hair a fresh start, potentially leading to healthier growth.

Does shaving my head help in hot weather?

Yes, without hair, your head will feel cooler and you’ll sweat less, which can be a big relief in hot weather.

Will shaving my head reduce my hair fall issues?

Shaving your head won’t stop hair loss caused by conditions like alopecia, but it can make it less noticeable.

What type of razor should I use to shave my head?

There are many good options, including both manual and electric razors. It’s important to choose a razor you feel comfortable handling and that fits the contours of your head.

Will I feel cold without hair in winter?

You might feel a difference during colder months since hair provides some insulation. A beanie or hat can solve this problem.

What skin care should I follow after shaving my head?

After shaving, it’s crucial to moisturize to prevent dryness and irritation. Also, the skin on your scalp will be more exposed to the sun, so remember to use sunscreen.

Is shaving the head a good idea if I’m experiencing hair thinning?

Yes, many men who are experiencing hair thinning or baldness opt for a shaved head. It presents a clean look and eliminates the patchiness associated with hair loss.

Will shaving my head make my hair grow back thicker?

This is a common myth. Hair may appear thicker after it’s been shaved because hair is wider at the base, but shaving doesn’t affect the thickness or growth of your hair.


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