5 Best Shaving Oils For Men (What Helps Razor Burn in 2023?)


Let’s face it guys, shaving can be a serious pain in the neck… literally!

We’ve all been there – no matter what razor and cream you use, those itchy red patches still rear their ugly heads after every shave.

If that sounds like you, chances are you’re neglecting the single most important part of any shaving routine – preparation!

When it comes to pre-shave prep, there’s no better product than shaving oil – the best way to lubricate and condition your face before grabbing the razor.

But not all oils are made equal. To get the best shave of your life, you need to know what helps razor burn and which shaving oils come out on top.

You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be covering the 5 best shaving oils so you can banish razor burn from your life for good.

We’re covering:

  1. What Is Shaving Oil?
  2. 2022’s Best Shaving Oils
  3. How Do You Use Shaving Oil?

#1. What Is Shaving Oil?

man using shaving oil on face

In short, the answer’s in the name. It’s an oil that you apply when shaving.

To be more specific, shaving oil is a product that provides an extra layer of lubrication to your skin. Think of it as a shield that allows your razor to travel over your skin without causing any damage.

Some oils also act as a conditioner that softens facial hair making it easier to shave.

Pro Tip: The best shaving oils contain natural ingredients that don’t harm the skin.

#2. Best Men’s Shaving Oils

Shaving oils come in many shapes and sizes. Some suit electric razors, while others work best when wet shaving.

However, the fundamental purpose of shaving oil is to reduce razor burn and provide a smooth shave. So there has to be a ‘best’ one out there.

I researched 5 shaving oils that I’d recommend you guys try out. They’ve all got their benefits and unique qualities, so the choice between them is yours to make.

VITAMAN’S Shaving Oil

VITAMAN’s Men’s Shaving Oil is an excellent option if you want a truly organic product.

I couldn’t write this list without mentioning my go-to shaving oil: VITAMAN’s Men’s Shaving Oil. The definitive answer to the question ‘what helps razor burn?’

I’ve been using this product for years, and for a good reason. It’s freaking awesome.

VITAMAN’s oil is my secret shaving weapon and has helped me defend against razor burn for years. Coconut, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Patchouli help lift and soften facial hair to guarantee a great shave every time.

What’s more, VITAMAN’s shaving oil doubles up as an excellent beard moisturizer!

Imperial Barber’s Pre-Shave Oil

men's shaving oil

The best feature of the Imperial Barber oil is its dual-action qualities. It offers enough lubrication to function as pre-shave prep and a shaving cream alternative.

Whether used before or in place of traditional shave cream, the Imperial Barber oil is a game-changer. It even provides a calming lavender scent to boot.

Pacific Shaving Company’s Shaving Oil

men's shaving oil

Pacific Shaving Company’s shaving oil has a unique selling point. When used as a shaving cream alternative, the oil applies clearly. This means that it’s easy to see the skin that you’re shaving – perfect for when trying to avoid skin blemishes and moles.

This versatile shaving oil also conditions and moisturizes the skin below the beard. Useful for when you don’t have time to run through an entire skincare routine.

Is this product going to replace a dedicated night/day moisturizer? No. But it’s perfect for those rushed moments when a quick hit of skin hydration is needed.

American Crew’s Ultra Gliding Shaving Oil

men's shaving oil

The American Crew shaving oil is about as classic as you can get.

It’s designed to work alongside a quality shaving cream/gel and condition bristles for a wet shave. This product doesn’t try to break the mold – it knows its strengths and sticks to them, plain and simple.

This timeless product features Rice Bran Oil – an ingredient that contains antioxidants. That means using American Crew’s shaving oil can promote anti-aging benefits and a clean shave.

However, that doesn’t mean this oil should take the place of your moisturizers and face cleansers. Consider it a vital part of your shaving routine, not a moisturizer alternative.

Shave Secret’s Shaving Oil

men's shaving oil

Shave Secret’s Shaving Oil is not branded only for those shaving their face. While fantastic for facial hair, this product can also be used elsewhere on the body.

Why do I mention this? If a product is suitable for delicate body areas, you can guarantee it’s great for those with sensitive facial skin.

What’s more, Shaving Secret boasts some pretty impressive uses for their shaving oil. They claim it can replace shaving creams, aftershave lotions, moisturizers, and balms.

While I don’t recommend a ‘one product does it all’ lifestyle, I admit this shaving oil impressed me. It’s suitable for shaving with a safety or electric razor and doesn’t leave the skin oily after use.

#3. How Do You Use Shaving Oil?

Man shaving face without cutting

Applying shaving oil to your face isn’t rocket science. But knowing how to do it is essential if you’re wondering what helps razor burn. A few simple drops on the palm of your hand are enough to guarantee a smooth shave.

I’ve broken out the key steps to applying shaving oil as part of your shaving routine to make things easy for you gents. These steps may vary if your shaving oil also doubles up as a shaving cream alternative:

  1. Clean your face using a cleanser or face wash before shaving – this will help ensure your skin is ready for the razor.
  2. Towel dry your skin and apply several drops of shaving oil into one hand. Rub your hands together until both palms have a slight shine to them.
  3. Begin to massage the oil into your face. Focus on the cheeks, jawline, chin, and neck. Once coated, lather up your shaving cream and apply over the top of the oil.
  4. Shave in small strokes – ensuring you follow the natural direction of your facial hair. Shaving against the grain can cause irritation and cuts.
  5. If your oil has moisturizing qualities, apply a second layer once you’ve finished shaving. This layer should be thinner than the first and should not leave the skin shiny or greasy.

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