10 Male Status Symbols | How To Signal Power & Authority Through Clothing (and WHY)


Ever see that guy who’s always treated like a VIP?

You know who I’m talkin’ about

The guy who:

Always gets into nice clubs – despite the line wrapped around the building…(like – seriously? How did he just cut everyone?!)


the guy who’s always seated at restaurants quickly – despite the hour wait…

The reason?

Status symbols.

Old money aesthetic older man

They’re powerful to the subconscious.

So – why are status symbols useful?

  • They save time
  • They avoid conflict
  • They signal authority

How? By doing all the communicating for you.

What are these status symbols?

How can you signal power & authority with your clothing…while not saying a word?

How can YOU be treated like a VIP by simply showing up?

This article is going to go over 10 modern status symbols – and explain how & why you should use them.

Male Status Symbol #1 – Custom Clothing

custom clothing as male status symbol

Many of us are fine with buying off-the-rack clothes. We go shopping and happen to find the “right” size of whatever we want. But there are always 2 things that may be an issue – authenticity and accurate fit.

Those are never questionable when it comes to custom clothing. By having something tailor-made, you’re guaranteed it’s of top quality and goes perfectly with your measurements. You don’t have to wonder if the item has been counterfeited. What you see is what you get.

Do you wonder why George Clooney always looks good in a suit? We know he’s a handsome guy, but he also happens to get custom suits from Mark Powell, who is said to be his favorite tailor. And history shows that powerful men like Napoleon III and Winston Churchill have bought bespoke suits from London’s Savile Row for centuries.

Those are men who understand fit, fabric and function – the core components of style. They wear the best clothes that complement their body type and highlight their individuality. It’s almost like they become the style brand – since no one can rock those exact same clothes the way they do. And that’s why the world admires them.

So if you can afford it, you should consider getting something custom-made – especially if you wear it regularly. You can also add a monogram to show how special that item is.

Male Status Symbol #2 – A Great Looking Watch

man wearing watch

Women have their jewelry to show off – and men have their watches. So you don’t want just any watch to tell you the time. You want something classy and luxurious (like those high-end pieces that cost over $1,000).

But what if you’re not keen on spending a lot? Here’s another option. There are up-and-coming brands these days that produce luxury watches at affordable prices – and the quality is often still amazing!

When it comes to affordable watches, I love the fact that manufacturers are able to produce watches that look incredible without breaking the bank. After all, a Rolex is a great investment – but not every man needs to splash out thousands of dollars when there are more budget-friendly timepieces on the market.

Sure, with many budget options, you could end up spending $200 on a low-quality timepiece that doesn’t keep the time well and looks cheap. To avoid this, the key is to research brands and find manufacturers with extensive watch-making experience.

Male Status Symbol #3 – Quality Footwear

Male Status Symbol Quality Shoes

Back in the day – shoes were power symbols of the elite. Leather was so precious that only a few could afford leather footwear (or were allowed to wear it). But now, even though we all buy shoes – that symbol still sort of exists.

Shoes are things people tend to look at and base judgments on (even subconsciously). If you’re wearing nice shoes – they make the assumption that you’re a stylish man with a good eye. You look like someone who takes good care of himself. And that gains you more respect from peers.

Take David Beckham, for example. He’s a guy who – when he’s not in his cleats playing football – likes to sport bespoke shoes from London’s G.J.Cleverley & Co. His favorite style is “The Churchill,” named after Winston Churchill – who was also a regular customer. Beckham knows how his shoes can influence public perception. So he follows the style of another respectable man.

Male Status Symbol #4 – The Technology You Use

man with a tablet and smart watch

We use our laptops, tablets and mobile phones every day. Almost everyone has them – but some guys just need the latest & greatest stuff. They only buy from a certain company. The reason – it’s more than just quality.

About 10 years ago, Apple computers were mainly used by creatives at coffee shops. It was a big deal to carry them around. But now that Apple has taken over the world, the only way you can stand out is by having the latest iDevice – since everybody else the second latest.

Whether we like it or not – our gadgets have a say in how people see us. The updated OS and features are secondary – we want new stuff for the prestige. We want to show friends and colleagues that we’re “in” – that we can change smartphones every other year. It’s consumerist, but that affects our status.

Male Status Symbol #5 – The Vehicle You Drive

man with a luxury car as a status symbol

Much like your gadgets – your ride somewhat shows the kind of man you are. In fact, it indicates more than your money in the bank – your lifestyle, your priorities and where you are in life.

I own a minivan – a practical choice for a man with 5 kids. So anyone who sees me drive by can probably tell I have a family of my own. If I were driving a Tesla – people might think I’m either famous or some big corporate hotshot.

But if you live in West Texas like I did – you wouldn’t be surprised to see all these dually pickup trucks. Not only are they useful if you need to pull a horse trailer, but they’re also “cool” in that area. So you want to get a vehicle that suits your environment.

Male Status Symbol #6 – Strong Beliefs & Convictions

The great thing about the U.S. is we can exercise freedom of speech. You’re allowed to comment on political issues and express personal beliefs – including religion. And while this may turn off the general crowd – you also resonate with people who are like you.

It’s a well-known fact that Tim Tebow and Steph Curry are devout Christians – who aren’t afraid to talk about it. Curry even has “4:13” (a biblical text about Jesus) printed on the inside of his Under Armour shoes. Some fans consider those guys “preachy” but for the most part – the way they put God at the center of everything they do (including their athletic careers) has made them more appealing.

As long as you have strong convictions – it shouldn’t matter if others think less of you. People who share the same beliefs will be more drawn to you and your courage. That makes a powerful status booster.

Male Status Symbol #7 – A Body By Design

muscular man exercising

This is about a body that’s not just buff or in good shape. A body by design goes beyond hitting the gym – it’s about mastering the body so it suits your culture or profession.

To have a body that upgrades your status – you need to understand who you are. If you love running marathons, you want to develop strong calves and trim all your belly fat.

If you’re a sumo wrestler or a bodybuilder, your goal is to bulk up and gain weight. If people see you with a body that perfectly matches your way of life – they’ll respect you even more.

Male Status Symbol #8 – Good Etiquette

man offers to open car door for woman

Until now, etiquette is something that can make people seem more or less “civilized.”

It wasn’t too long ago when etiquette was used to separate classes of people instead of clothing. Unfortunately – there’s no universal book about it. Etiquette varies from culture to culture.

But if you want to elevate your status, you need to understand basic etiquette – especially when you’re invited to formal events. Follow the dress code, RSVP ahead of time, shake hands the right way – those are small acts of politeness that matter for an event with lots of well-respected people.

And the next time you’re invited to a fancy dinner, make sure you’ve learned the rules of fine dining etiquette. You’ll be surprised – you’ll impress many people by simply knowing when to use each spoon or how to hold each knife.

Male Status Symbol #9 – Sprezzatura

sprezzatura as male status symbol

If you have the ability to perform a difficult task and make it look easy – that means you’ve got sprezzatura. It’s showing off a special skill with such grace and confidence that people are compelled to admire you. They see the fruits of your labor – never the labor itself.

Imagine you’re having lunch with your workmates at a Chinese restaurant – and you just happen to be fluent in Mandarin. Imagine all the nods and compliments you’re going to get as you translate everyone’s orders for the waitress. They witness the little “show” you put on – but they’re unaware that it took you 15 years to learn that language.

It’s a similar thing with Tom Hiddleston’s celebrity impressions. This is a guy who gets people cracking up by saying 1 or 2 lines in the accents of fellow actors – which he does so naturally. The audience doesn’t think about all the years he’s spent honing his talent – they’re just blown away by what he does.

Male Status Symbol #10 – People You Surround Yourself With

group of status men

This last one is perhaps the most powerful. Whoever you spend the most time with – your wife, partner, colleagues or friends – does affect the way you’re perceived.

In a way, this is a good thing. It calls for you to be more selective about the people you want part of your life. There are average joes who get a status upgrade when they’re on a date with someone “out of their league.” But the truth is it’s more than just looks. It’s also about how they influence you.

I’m not suggesting you cut ties with friends who aren’t as successful as you. I’m saying you should find people who can help you grow and reach for the stars. That’s one of the best qualities in a potential spouse.

You want to spend each day with someone who doesn’t just make you happy – but inspires you to become the best version of yourself. If you’re able to marry that person, you’ve struck gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of powerful male status symbols?

Examples of powerful male status symbols include luxury cars, designer clothing, high-end watches, impressive homes, rare collectibles, exclusive memberships, advanced degrees or notable awards, physical fitness, leadership positions, and philanthropic endeavors.

Are status symbols universal or do they differ across cultures?

Status symbols can greatly vary across different cultures and societies. While some symbols like wealth might be universal, the specifics (e.g., type of car, style of clothing) can be culture-specific.

What does an exclusive membership mean in the context of status symbols?

An exclusive membership refers to being part of an elite club or society, whether that’s a high-end fitness club, a golf club, or a business organization. It signifies social standing, connections, and a certain level of exclusivity.

Is philanthropy a status symbol?

Yes, philanthropy can be seen as a status symbol. It signifies not just wealth, but also a commitment to giving back to society and using one’s resources to benefit others.

How do advanced degrees or notable awards act as status symbols?

They represent achievement, intelligence, and dedication. In many societies, educational achievements and awards are highly respected and are considered signs of success.

Does the value of status symbols differ in rural and urban settings?

Yes, typically, rural and urban settings have different norms and lifestyle expectations, so what serves as a status symbol in one may not have the same impact in the other.

Can digital goods serve as status symbols?

Yes, in the digital age, certain virtual goods, like rare NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), in-game items, or digital real estate, can serve as status symbols.

Do status symbols influence people’s perception of someone?

Yes, people often make assumptions about others based on visible status symbols. However, it’s important to note that these assumptions may not always accurately reflect a person’s character or success.

Is owning a status symbol inherently negative?

Not at all. Owning a status symbol isn’t inherently negative. It becomes problematic when it leads to excessive materialism or when a person’s self-worth becomes tied to these external symbols. It’s crucial to remember that these symbols represent only one aspect of a person’s identity.

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