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FREE Halloween Keto Cookies, a free 5-flavor collagen sampler pack, plus more exclusive deals & discounts to help you stay on track and end the year strong. 🎯❣️

Choose Your Own Keto Flavor Adventure!

If you’re in a hurry, here are the quick-links to this week’s fun freebies & great deals. Or keep reading for more details & discounts, links to our discussions & feedback on facebook, and a video taste-test so you know exactly what to expect…

🔸 FREE Halloween Keto Cookies from ChocZero Free large cookie tin free with any order over $50 + add code TRAVELINGLOWCARB at checkout for a discount, even on sale prices. 😉

Best Halloween Keto Deals 2023

🔸 FREE Perfect Keto 5-Flavor Collagen Sampler Pack Plus you can get their Fall Flavor Favorites B2G1 right now (buy 2 get 1 free) – or more discount code options below

Free Keto Collagen Sampler Pack

🔸 $15 off the September Keto Krate *(exclusive discount!)
That link will automatically give you our exclusive discount, or you can use code LOWCARBTRAVELER15 at checkout to activate the better deal too.

Keto Krate Review 2023

I’m going on another fun “cabin in the woods” retreat in a few weeks to enjoy the fall colors, and cannot wait to make 🍥 Keto S’Mores Dessert Bowls 🍥 by the campfire with the new ChocZero sugar free marshmallows! I’m going to use their new butter cookies and their classic sugar free chocolate too of course, so stay tuned for that – plus a photo/video tour of my last getaway. 🙂

Overlook in Tennessee

⚠️ Note: there’s a “warning” about their free Halloween cookie tin 👇 so be sure to see that!

I have a new ChocZero unboxing & taste-test video below too (they have so many NEW gluten free keto treats!), but first – this deal from Perfect Keto won’t last long, so definitely grab this offer if you want to try out a variety of their collagen flavors:

Perfect Keto Collagen Free Samples

Get a free Perfect Keto 5-flavor collagen sampler pack ☕️ including a sachet of the Blueberry Super Reds antioxidant blend I love! 🫐 🙌 PLUS you can get B2G1 on all their fall flavors right now too: “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” on these flavors (at the top of this page).

Perfect Keto Collagen Free Samples

Collagen Sampler includes 5 sachets to try, one each of:

* Vanilla Keto Collagen
* Chocolate Keto Collagen
* Hazelnut Barista Blend
* Mexican Hot Chocolate Beauty + Sleep Collagen
* Super Reds Blueberry Pomegranate

*Add the FREE sampler to your cart, then check out the B2G1 free options – or add code LYNN20 at checkout for 20% off anything else (if you don’t like the fall flavors) 👀🙋‍♀️🙈😅🙃

Keto Krate Treats

This deliciously indulgent “breakfast” plate ⬆️ was created by my daughter. It’s the keto blueberry muffins that came in this month’s Keto Krate box, drizzled with ChocZero cookie butter spread. 😍

What’s in the September Keto Krate box:

You’ll get ~ Duncan Hines Keto Blueberry Muffins mix, a marshmallow crisp bar, a can of SuperNatural Cola, a Coconut Cocoa Chip Granola Bar from Munk Pack, a full size box of the Catalina Crunch chocolate vanilla sandwich cookies, a bag of High Key chocolate mint mini snack cookies, plus a bag of Keto BBQ Chips.

There’s also a “mystery gift” included – mine was a bag of Butter Toffee Peanuts. 😋 It’s a great deal with a lot of fun variety for just $24.99 (& FREE shipping!) if you use this link to get $15 off. 📲

September Keto Krate 2023

* you can cancel anytime, so if you only want this one box simply cancel after it ships. 😉

What’s Wrong With The ChocZero Halloween Cookies?!

These are FREE right now 🎃💜 but let me tell you why 👀 ⚠️🚫 and my thoughts… because I’ve already tried them. I’ll show you my unboxing & taste test video next, but here’s the quick scoop in case you’re torn on ordering these new Halloween treats…

Halloween Keto Cookies ChocZero Discount

1️⃣ The reason the cookie tins are free with any order $50+ is because… they weren’t happy with the texture and flavor (a slight coconut aftertaste). You can also get them deeply discounted if you prefer, ie have a smaller order:

This link should add our discount for you automatically:
or add code TRAVELINGLOWCARB at checkout ✅️

2️⃣ The new “Milk Chocolate Pecan Patties” are AMAZING!! 😍 Like a cross between caramel clusters and a Snickers bar – in super rich double bite sized treats. 😋❣️

ChocZero Review Keto Halloween Candy 2023

3️⃣ I disagree with them on the Dunkies (chocolate sandwich cookies).

They’re great! 💯👍

Yes there is a slight coconut flavor at the very end, but it’s quite nice. 🥥👌

They are not a super rich chocolate flavor like an Oreo, more of a cocoa shortbread flavor, but I love the light crisp texture – and the cream in the middle is CREAMY, like perfectly creamy. 🥰

In case you were wondering, both of the new Halloween tins just released this week are definitely worth grabbing 🙌 especially since you can get the cookies free! 💖

📲 https://www.choczero.com/discount/travelinglowcarb

If you’re reading this in your inbox, or prefer NOT to use Facebook, the unboxing & taste video is on YouTube here too.

ChocZero has so many new keto treats lately!

If you haven’t looked in awhile, you’ll find A LOT to choose from, including their new sugar free marshmallows, the keto butter cookies, sea salt caramels 😍 and Vanilla Coffee Syrup – plus the Halloween candy they just dropped.

I ordered a variety of things to try!

Best Keto Candy 2023

I hope you found something you liked in this quick tour of new sugar free treats, Fall freebies & keto deals! I ordered the collagen sampler pack for my daughter because she loves ALL the flavors, and they’ll be perfect for her to use on the go. 😉

Here are the links to our discussions and the questions/feedback on Facebook if you’re interested, or want to pop in with feedback too:

🔹 Perfect Keto Collagen Sampler Pack & Fall Flavors Sale

🔹 ChocZero Halloween Keto Candy & “Dunkies” Cookies Discussion

🔹 ChocZero Unboxing & Taste-Test Video on Facebook

Thoughts or questions? 🗨 Drop a comment!

I always love hearing from you…

I hope you’re having a great week! 💖 xo

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aka @LowCarbTraveler

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