⏰ Open if you love Perfect Keto Bars


😱 This sale is NOT working right! ⚠️ I just got a STEAL. 🫣 I’m sure they’ll catch it and fix it – but if you happen to see this in time… you’re welcome! 😁 🎁 Here’s the details:

Perfect Keto is having a 48-hour Flash Sale today & tomorrow only: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE on all bars (PK Bars, Nola Bars, Mallow Munch, Keto Bars) on this page: https://perfectketo.com/rr/lynn 📲 -aff

But when I went to order, it was actually buy ONE get one FREE instead! 👀 🥳

AND a discount code works with that… TOO. 🎉

BOGO Perfect Keto Bars

I’m sure they’ll fix it asap, so if you use PK snack bars or protein bars, um… snag this CRAZY good deal while you can! This make them only $16 instead of 39.99 ‼️

📲 https://perfectketo.com/rr/lynn -aff
add code LYNN20 at checkout
– – – or if it says you’ve already used that code try LOWCARBTRAVELER , or BACKONTRACK30

* It says “buy two get one” even at checkout (see screenshot) – but it doesn’t add up that way (right this minute, at least) – it comes out way better!! 🙌

* I almost feel bad getting them that cheap 🫣 lol (almost!)

* I’ll have to update or delete this post as soon as they catch the error, but I figured it might reach someone that also uses the PK bars as a meal replacement too. 😎😘

I was only going to share this on Facebook then delete it, but it’s STILL working this morning, even with the discount code(s). 🤷‍♀️ I should grab some NOLA bar variety packs too. I love those. I usually won’t splurge on them – but at THAT price: 🤸‍♀️❣😁 I’d grab more unflavored collagen powder too, but they’re sold out 🥹 … it looks like a lot of things are selling out fast!

I hope this is still working for you by the time you read this note. I do love a great deal, and wanted to make sure you caught it too before they realize it’s actually “BOGO + DISCOUNT” 🙃

(don’t forget to add one of the 3 codes!)

~ Lynn

p.s. I’ve lost over 10 pounds lately! I was just in the process of writing a blog post with my recent meals, Food Diary examples, and a look at my weight loss progress … when I saw this deal. I got sidetracked, lol. Stay tuned! I’ll send that over to you later today with some great low carb ideas & inspiration! 💖 xo


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